19 June 2005, 03:16 by mark hoekstra

my iPod gets a free dock

I’ve been focused on getting Apple-hardware at the least possible cost… like my iNo and the NOcost-dockingstation to complement it…

Then I read the following in a newspaper (NRC Handelsblad, which is not-at-all a sensational tabloid or such, more the opposite):

I translated only a part, so you’ll get the idea

...I’ve been getting a clear picture of this trade and I want to try it myself to get some free accessories. With a lot of hassle I surf around in the puzzle calling itself the Apple-website. I end up on http://www.apple.com/nl/support/ , where I can fill out my iPod-ID somewhere on the bottom of the page. Then I have to search a little and in the middle of the page there’s a dropdown-menu under ‘product support’ and I select the iPod. After that I click on the ‘iPod service request form’ and I pretend as if my earbud headphones are broke. Thanks to the one year limited warranty I’m able to order a new set. My headphones really could’ve been broke. After this I push the boundaries a little and say that my dockingstation is broke, which is quite funny, since I never had a dockingstation for my iPod…

I read this on June 4th and hadn’t thought about it for a few days. Then I stumbled upon this article again and tried to find some info online about it. I was surprised I couldn’t find any, except this little forumthread on a Dutch Mac-forum.

In there they say it doesn’t work anymore and I got tempted to try it out… with the following result:

clicking this image will bring you more images

Tonight I also found the original article posted on the website of the online magazine Spunk (never mind their name) which are allied with NRC Handelsblad which is the newspaper who published this all and then I’m even more surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention. (Maybe this newspaper has an audience without iPods? ;-)). Anyways, if they want it back, they can have it back. If they want me to pay for it, I’ll pay for it. (They can’t charge my creditcard though, since I ain’t got one…). If I don’t hear anything, I’ll just use it.

So… what to think of all this? How about you decide…


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  1. Nizam Rahman @ 20 June 2005, 17:36 :

    KEEP IT!

  2. ohgr @ 20 June 2005, 17:45 :

    ...or you could just steal stuff at the apple store. Only difference is you cannot do that from your sweaty couch in your parents’ basement.

  3. spang @ 20 June 2005, 19:55 :

    Yeah. This happens a lot though and Apple doesn’t really care, it’s just cheap stuff from China.

  4. Ghost @ 20 June 2005, 21:05 :

    Heh, I just ordered a dock. :) Hopefully they don’t send me threatening letters.

  5. Roach @ 21 June 2005, 00:12 :

    Read:Important: You must return your defective part to
    Apple. When you receive your replacement part,
    please check your box or envelope for return shipping
    instructions. If you do not return the defective part,
    we will charge a non-return penalty to your credit card.

  6. justin @ 21 June 2005, 00:50 :

    which credit card would that be? the guy said he doesn’t have one, so obvisouly they don’t have one on record for him. And due to the simplicity of the whole thing, theres no way they can prove that it was actually him who ordered the part or received it.

  7. gene @ 21 June 2005, 02:31 :

    i just order the dock and plan on getting other things that did not come with the ipod.

  8. Jordan @ 21 June 2005, 05:13 :

    is they’re any chance of apple finding out that we scamed them, and then sueing us or someting?

  9. robert @ 21 June 2005, 06:58 :


  10. tweaq @ 21 June 2005, 07:00 :

    i just tried this and they REQUIRE a credit card.

  11. tweaq @ 21 June 2005, 07:01 :

    or if there is a way around that, please hook me up. aim:tweaq

  12. boxgamex @ 21 June 2005, 07:50 :

    I just tried this with some headbud earpones and i didnt need a credit card. I am glad i didnt choose anything else just incase because my heaphones really are blown.

  13. hybridchemistry @ 21 June 2005, 08:59 :

    Sweet, just ordered my new dock :)
    might get a remote if they dont catch on

  14. Pax Imperio @ 21 June 2005, 09:05 :

    Ha I just ordered a dock as well. My only worry is getting to the package before either of my parents so I don’t have to make up any stories of how I got a free dock… Wish me luck…

  15. bruce @ 21 June 2005, 11:06 :

    guys did you have to signup an apple account first?cause i had too

  16. tweaq @ 21 June 2005, 11:39 :

    holy crap!! i got it to work with the dock. and BIG news, it ONLY asks for your credit card when you have to send something back, as in my case, with the in-ear earphones. Thats according to some agreement or soemthing (don’t remember what it was under). SOOO apparently you don’t HAVE to send the defective dock back.

  17. tweaq @ 21 June 2005, 11:40 :

    btw just in case… i used Tor (a proxy thingy). so my proxy is in GA, and im in TN….IT WAS ALL A HACKER THAT ORDERED THAT. lol

  18. shiznannigan @ 21 June 2005, 12:57 :

    So do these people ordering docks HAVE Ipods?

    If so, I know an easier way to get stuff like this! All you have to do is not be such a trend-whoring sheep, and order an MP3 player that doesn’t have an Apple logo on it! With the money you save, you can buy yourself any number of accessories!

  19. Bill @ 21 June 2005, 16:37 :

    Anyone have an iPod + HP and figure out if HP will do the same thing as Apple?

  20. boxgamex @ 21 June 2005, 21:31 :

    man i ordered headphones about 3pm yesterday and just got them, no kidding and a paper that comes with it says dont send back. I just ordered a dock. Come on tommorrow it might be remote day.

  21. PressureWrker @ 21 June 2005, 21:42 :

    The problem (guessing) is that they have the ipod id and that means they can trace it to the original order and a credit card etc.

  22. tweaq @ 21 June 2005, 23:33 :

    i have an ipod, but i got my from freeipods. so i need all the free stuff i can get, cause im poor. :(

  23. tweaq @ 21 June 2005, 23:34 :

    also pressure you could have bought an ipod at a store with cash.

  24. yert @ 22 June 2005, 04:13 :

    Haha i got 2 ipod serial numbers so i got a dock and remote….hope no problems wait a month or so to finish ordering my free stuff

  25. mojo @ 22 June 2005, 07:07 :

    i checked the status of my dock and it said it was closed, i wonder what that means. anybody else have the same problem?

  26. Matt @ 22 June 2005, 08:51 :

    I just ordered a dock, but have not got a confirmation email yet. Did everyone else get confirmation emails??

  27. mojo @ 22 June 2005, 09:26 :

    i did.

  28. Matt @ 22 June 2005, 09:45 :

    Never mind, I just got it. It took like four and a half hours. How long did it take to get it shipped to you guys?

  29. bootdsc @ 22 June 2005, 14:22 :

    wow thats some cool stuff..i love getting free stuff so i wonder if sony will do the same for my psp(ps found it by the side of a road in peices and yes it works perfect)but i have nothing for it but a power cable i made for 1.50$ oh and just get the ipod id from the show room ipods in the apple store

  30. nick @ 22 June 2005, 16:45 :

    That’s really just stealing. You know you can do the same thing with Microsoft mice and get whole new mice if you claim you lost the receiver?

    Hoo boy, it must be alright if you’re able to do it. Besides, fuck M$ and Apple, it’s not really stealing when they’re such big companies and you don’t personally agree with their business tactics. (If you don’t pick up my sarcasm there, you really must be as stupid as it seems)

  31. gene @ 22 June 2005, 17:02 :

    i just recieved the dock this morning,june 22, 2005, at 9 am central time.

  32. Ptrix @ 22 June 2005, 17:31 :

    I tried this out in Canada, ordering a remote (i don’t need new ‘phones (yet ;), and don’t think i have a need for a dock (maybe in a few months i’ll try for it. don’t want to act suspicious by trying to get too much at once, especially when so many others are doing it at the same time), and it took only 2 days for it to get here. RAWK! the document that came with it says they don’t want anything back, and to dispose of the “defective part” in accordance with local environmental laws, so that’s their policy. i’ve still got several months left on my iPod’s warranty, so thanks for the info!!

  33. tweaq @ 22 June 2005, 19:08 :

    holy crap!!! i just got my dock. well actually DOCKS! something messed up and i got 2 docks. and i don’t have to send it back w00t!!!

  34. Pax Imperio @ 22 June 2005, 20:34 :

    I just got my dock! Hurizzle! xD

    That’s so awesome… wow…now to see what else there is :P

  35. brian @ 22 June 2005, 22:23 :


  36. tweaq @ 22 June 2005, 22:44 :

    i tried again but it still says there is still a replacement in progress, and they can only do one at a time.

  37. evan @ 22 June 2005, 22:46 :

    sweet. i jus got some new ‘phones. can you do the same thing and get a new free ipod?

  38. browny @ 22 June 2005, 23:02 :

    did u guys who ordered the dock get any papers threatening to bill ur house if u did not return the faulty product?

    if not i wud love to get my new mini a dock

  39. markie @ 22 June 2005, 23:18 :

    Well… I admit it ain’t a clear link, but when you click on the photo of my ipod, you’ll get to another page with more pics, under which a pic of the letter that came with the dock and it says very clear:
    Please do not return the original (defective) part to Apple :-)

    that other page

    the letter


  40. browny @ 23 June 2005, 00:41 :

    the apple website isnt working .. says the system isnt responding each time… looks like im gonna have to wait for awhile b4 i order mine… thankyou so much for this info

  41. tweaq @ 23 June 2005, 01:03 :

    btw you can change a letter in the middle of your serial number and it works. just changed an s to a t and i have a new working serial. hehehe

  42. Matt @ 23 June 2005, 01:09 :

    Now almost a day later in my order status it still says “dispatch sent” and when I click that link it says “Repair requested”. Says nothing about processing or shipping????

  43. tweaq @ 23 June 2005, 01:39 :

    mine didn’t either…i don’t think, but you should it tomorrow MAYBE thursday, but i doubt it.

  44. gene @ 23 June 2005, 02:12 :

    how long does it take for the service requst message, a service requst already exists message, to stop saying it so i can get more things

  45. Semlar @ 23 June 2005, 02:27 :

    All I get is

    We’re Sorry!

    We do not have your data in our system. Please contact Apple for assistance.You can find the right phone number for your location by going to Contact Us


  46. gene @ 23 June 2005, 03:13 :

    i just ordered a remote. whatever that is for. if u want a wall charger you have to pay money. well that is what i encountered

  47. Mark @ 23 June 2005, 03:31 :

    darn, i cant figure out how to do this….

  48. Mark @ 23 June 2005, 03:34 :

    what i mean by that is what do i click on when i get to this site? http://www.apple.com/nl/support/ipod/ .... do i click on request service online?

  49. tweaq @ 23 June 2005, 04:20 :

    ummm gene, i’ve gotten mine, and i don’t think its went away yet. and semlar register and register your ipod, or your out of warrenty, and mark, yes you type in your ipod serial # then click on your ipod in the middle, the click on that, its on the left. any more help, IM me at tweaq

  50. evan @ 23 June 2005, 05:21 :

    psst. anyone tried to get a free ipod through this yet? it seems easy enough. i’m just scared to be the first to try since mine was a gift, and dont want to charge them

  51. mark @ 23 June 2005, 07:17 :

    what items do they offer on that one screen…i only got the dock…

  52. browny @ 23 June 2005, 07:37 :

    i cant even get to the next screen
    every time i put in my serial number it refreshes the page then adds this under the serial number box
    “We‘re sorry, the system is not responding at this time.”

    anyone kno wut i shud do?

  53. tweaq @ 23 June 2005, 07:37 :

    i believe you have to send it back for the actual ipod, but im not certain…there were alot of checkboxes that you have to agree with.

  54. Ganesh @ 23 June 2005, 07:56 :

    Ordering “replacement” docks, remotes, and hedphones is no big deal, as most of those retail for no more than $40. however, the iPods themselves are expensive, big ticket items, and they will most likely want your old one back if you try to get a new one, so that they can repair, refurbish, and resell them. stick with the small stuff and you should be fine.

    Also, has anyone attempted to order any other apple-branded accessories not mentionned above? (eg, cases, world travel adaptor kit, ipod photo camera connector, or (ooh OOH!) an “Apple iPod Stereo Connection Kit with Monster Cable”?) Let’s get some intel on these items ;)

  55. Matt @ 23 June 2005, 09:29 :

    I just checked the apple.com order status page, and my status was changed to closed. Anyone know what that means. Also I was just reading over the confirmation e-mail that they sent me last night and I noticed an interesting line at the bottom.

    Dear Apple Customer,

    Thank you for your order. A service request for the part you ordered has been placed. Your dispatch number is xxxxxxxx

    You can check the status of your order at any time at:

    The part will be sent shortly to the address you provided. The package will contain instructions about whether to return the original part to Apple or not and how to do this. If you are asked to return the part, please do so within 10 business days of receipt of the replacement part otherwise an additional cost will be charged to your credit card.

    If you have been requested to send in your Proof of Purchase, please fax it as follows and include your dispatch number.

    Fax number: 512-674-8125

    Apple is unable to handle your request until this is received.

    Thank you,


    What does it mean by “Apple is unable to handle your request until this is received???

  56. mundofr @ 23 June 2005, 18:15 :

    ive been to the apple site and i see nothing, what i think is that maybe my IP wont let me enter cuz i live in mexico… Can they ship a dock to mexico? if so this is awesomeness

  57. gene @ 23 June 2005, 18:27 :

    if u have an ipod shuffle there is a service request form for that to

  58. Kwan @ 23 June 2005, 19:43 :

    OH damn! This worked! Yesterday, I sent in my request and just a few moments ago I got it! Sweet! Now I’m enjoying my new dock! And NO I do not have to send my “defective product back in”! I’ll probably try for earphones and remote next! WHee!

  59. idk @ 23 June 2005, 20:54 :

    hey guys, i just recieved my reomote and earbuds, ill be recieving a dock tommorrow, has anyboy tried anything else? i wanna know how much i can push this… between me and my friend we have 4 serial numbers!

  60. tweaq @ 23 June 2005, 22:05 :

    w00t, i should be getting the remote, case, and umm something else tomorrow. and btw you can change a letter in the middle of your serial # and it works…ie xxxxxxxsxxx to xxxxxxxtxxx, and xxxxxxxuxxx, and so on. thats what i did to order more than one.

  61. Ganesh @ 23 June 2005, 22:38 :

    so, what excuses are you guys using to get stuff? i don’t want to use the same one twice (damaged connector/cable), and what is a good one to use for the carrying case? ;)

  62. Kwan @ 24 June 2005, 00:00 :

    I want remote and earbuds now… so if you say ur remote is broken.. does it send you remote AND earbuds? Dock is sexXxy!

  63. Derrick @ 24 June 2005, 01:37 :

    hey i ordered my dock 2 days ago and rtecived it today

  64. gene @ 24 June 2005, 01:46 :

    there is no way to get a case. how do u get it.

  65. idk @ 24 June 2005, 08:48 :



  66. Matt @ 24 June 2005, 09:12 :

    I received my dock a few hours ago. This is so cool. Can you order more than one product with the same serial number, or do I need another one. If I do, that’s not a problem (between the four members of my family we have five iPods, but I think that mine is the only one that was registered with Apple)
    I would love to get a remote. Which remote do they send you? Is it the Griffin AirClick or is it something else?

  67. Ganesh @ 24 June 2005, 09:25 :

    yes, you can order more than one item per serial number, provided that the serial number is for a product tht still falls under their warranty coverage (either the liimted 1 yr, or an AppleCare extended 2 yr), but Apple ONLY provides warranties on products that they make, so they will ONLY send you Apple™ branded items. In other words, the remote they will send you will be the Apple Wired Remote that they manufacture. However, there’s no reason why you can’t try this out with another company’s service program.

  68. tweaq @ 24 June 2005, 10:11 :

    yes idk, you have to have a credit card and send those back. and i find it easier just to use another serial or change mine, not sure if mine is ready for another product yet.

  69. bruce @ 24 June 2005, 11:47 :

    got both my dock & my remote some days ago :D Is there anything more i could “order”?my earbuds are new so..

  70. hiding name for safety @ 24 June 2005, 12:32 :

    this is pure illegal…i like it.

  71. gene @ 24 June 2005, 17:27 :

    i just recieved my remote, headphones, and usb connetor for the ipod. the remote is very small.

  72. tweaq @ 24 June 2005, 18:49 :

    just got my remote, and ANOTHER dock. and you can’t get the case. i went with case at the top, and random at the bottom (which was dock), so i got a dock.

  73. Bruce @ 24 June 2005, 18:56 :

    Guys it seems they’ve corrected it…they’re now asking for credit card…

  74. tweaq @ 24 June 2005, 19:32 :

    it depends on what you select. i just replaced the audio cables without a card.

  75. Bruce @ 24 June 2005, 21:56 :

    yeah figured that out…Does anyone have any other sites replacing items as apple does?Tried microsoft but they want people to call them…Anyone tried to replace a whole ipod? lol :p

  76. jason @ 24 June 2005, 23:14 :

    armband anyone?

  77. erasor @ 24 June 2005, 23:35 :

    you can’t select armband…at least not into the form that asks which part to replace

  78. gene @ 24 June 2005, 23:36 :

    i got 4 things without getting introuble by apple. dock, headphones, remote, usb connector cable free

  79. anonymous @ 24 June 2005, 23:57 :

    just told them that the remote for my iPod mini that i don’t have doesn’t work, btw i actually bought the dock

  80. a guy from somewhere @ 25 June 2005, 00:15 :

    well no see the whole credit card scare if on your apple id i being a minor and therefore no credit card don’t have one listed in my apple id its ok (i can still redeem pepsi caps for songs) and if they get pissed theres no credit card for them to charge so theres no way they want a credit card its just a scre (or is used for the big ticket items aka an iPod)

  81. tweaq @ 25 June 2005, 05:45 :

    a credit card is only used when you have to send back a product(such as the in ear headphones). also the pepsi caps are over (i got screwed out paying for a song) but now im up to 3 docks, and a remote. and i just ordered the audio cable. and has anyone found any other companies that do this? ive looked, most you have to call about a replace (nintendo)

  82. hello @ 25 June 2005, 09:38 :

    can you get the in ear headphones

  83. tweaq @ 25 June 2005, 10:17 :

    as i said in the freaking post above yours. u can’t get the in ear headphones UNLESS you provide a credit card AND send back your broken ones.

  84. erasor @ 25 June 2005, 11:06 :

    we definitely need other sites!

  85. gene @ 25 June 2005, 19:26 :

    i dont think there are any other sites because everyone else is really smart and apple is stupid for doing this.

  86. Kwan @ 25 June 2005, 21:33 :

    they’ll eventually stop… but let’s take advantage of it b4 the time comes that they become smarter…

  87. Ryan @ 26 June 2005, 04:32 :

    Can anyone please fill me in on how to do this, i cannot seem to find what i am supposed to do

  88. Ryan @ 26 June 2005, 04:40 :

    nvrmnd, i found it. got a new pair of earbuds to replace my broken pair. yay!

  89. tweaq @ 27 June 2005, 03:09 :

    lol, i “accidently” clicked back and continue, like 5 times, so i MAY be getting 5 docks, and a few remotes. lol.

  90. kitty @ 27 June 2005, 08:31 :

    what about a dock for the shuffle?

  91. tweaq @ 27 June 2005, 18:17 :

    not sure, try it.

  92. tweaq @ 27 June 2005, 18:48 :

    just got the monster cables, should come in handy with my 50 million docks.

  93. cDub @ 27 June 2005, 19:26 :

    So what items so far require a credit card?

  94. brad @ 27 June 2005, 21:17 :

    My friend recieved his dock this morning…Possibly a remote on the way…I’ll see what I can do.

  95. Codestah @ 27 June 2005, 22:13 :

    I finally figured this out but what does the “closed” status mean on the report? I’m not sure if they have mailed the dock or if they canceled it because they know I’m lying. You’d think if they won’t send it they would tell you instead of leaving you hanging though.

  96. tweaq @ 28 June 2005, 00:54 :

    the inear headphones is the only ones i know of that need a CC

  97. Kwan @ 28 June 2005, 02:38 :

    closed means the order has been processed completely

  98. idk @ 28 June 2005, 03:52 :

    i got monster cables, 2 docks, 2 remotes, 2 earbuds. the in ear headphones require a credit card. closed means that the item has been processed and shipped, you should be recieving it soon!

  99. WeHeNeR @ 28 June 2005, 03:56 :

    we should all trade serials, for example, i want some ipod mini accesories but i do not have a mini, i also want shuffle accesories, so like lets all modify our serials and trade! JQ508AV-PS9

    just change the – to any letter a-z except for O!

    i need mini, shuffle, and photo serials, so please share!

  100. tweaq @ 28 June 2005, 06:06 :

    good idea wehener, but why do you want other acessories (unless you’re gonna sell them, hehehe)? and those monster cables are pretty nifty, got them today. i should be getting some more stuffs tomorrow (my “accidently” 4 docks, lol and remotes).

  101. bruce @ 28 June 2005, 10:46 :

    i got many Ipod mini serials,mail me at bruce_h_nospam@gmail.com

    Trade for any Ipod serials except Ipod mini!

  102. Kwan @ 28 June 2005, 18:31 :

    does the power adapters required a credit card?

  103. mike @ 28 June 2005, 18:40 :

    you can get the dock for the shuffle free no cc

    anyone have serials for the regular ipod?

  104. tweaq @ 28 June 2005, 18:41 :

    w00t, got 2 remotes, ANOTHER dock, and some earphones. lol and a box to send back my ipod, to get it replaced.

  105. cDub @ 28 June 2005, 21:18 :

    I ordered my dock on saturday and this morning (tuesday) i got it. WOOT

  106. gene @ 29 June 2005, 01:57 :

    just got a regular ipod serial and ordered monster cables.

  107. cDub @ 29 June 2005, 03:30 :

    i just ordered some cables. im a bad person

  108. timshady @ 29 June 2005, 06:45 :

    i have ipod serials, will trade for mini, shuffle, and photo serials!

  109. bruce @ 29 June 2005, 10:48 :

    what are the “monster cables?” :P¨
    Didn’t notice a real big difference between the IPOD and Ipod mini serials except for the fact that the IPOD has special earbuds and that it doesn’t have any dock…Dunno for shuffle & photo but should be about the same thing..

  110. tweaq @ 29 June 2005, 10:53 :

    your not going to get anything different except the different docks. or at least not anything useful. lets try it with OTHER apple products, such as a mac mini, isight, and umm all that other crap apple makes. lol

  111. tweaq @ 29 June 2005, 10:56 :

    the monster cables is 3.5mm jack to stereo rca plugs. basically to connect your ipod/dock to your stereo. and you could get different dock sizes, lol, i ordered a mini dock, just for kicks.

  112. bruce @ 29 June 2005, 11:44 :

    Damn UPS is being so slow right now,i ordered for 3 days now :’( Yes sure get me delivered a mac mini huhuhu :D

  113. cDub @ 29 June 2005, 17:15 :

    my cables came in this morning. Isnt apple located in Cali? Thats pretty good that the cables went from Cali to detroit in one day.

  114. beers @ 29 June 2005, 18:24 :

    i was able to get a sport case for shuffle, will try for a battery pack

    btw cDub you got a part from a part center which apple has lots of

  115. Ganesh @ 30 June 2005, 03:04 :

    if you happen to order more than 5 of a particular item, (especially at the same time), does Apple ‘wake up’ and do anythig about it, or is this a good way to earn some summer cash? ;) Tweaq, i’m asking you, lol!

  116. tweaq @ 30 June 2005, 06:14 :

    umm why 5? and i’m not sure. so far, now that I know of, i’m up to 4 docks, and 3 remotes. but I wouldn’t try to abuse and or moleste the “system”. and i think as long as you would kind of spread out what you ordered over some time, and got different stuff and maybe used different addresses, i think it would be less likely to “get caught”

  117. bruce @ 30 June 2005, 11:19 :

    What they would do is cut off your account cause i mean hey we’re talking about Apple,do you really think they would sue you for a few docks or remotes?? I’ve been ordering from different ip adresses & different names

  118. gene @ 30 June 2005, 17:37 :

    i just got monster cables and a remote i did not order, i think

  119. augo @ 30 June 2005, 21:29 :

    Just got my second dock on hold… DAMN!! i think they caught me… be careful ordering from now on!!

  120. bruce @ 1 July 2005, 00:28 :

    caught you??how would they catch you???

  121. augo @ 1 July 2005, 00:52 :

    i dunno… but they set my dock on hold…. i afraid of them making me paying… :(

  122. Kwan @ 1 July 2005, 02:49 :

    can you get a power adapter with this?

  123. gene @ 1 July 2005, 03:13 :

    no they ask for a credit card

  124. tweaq @ 1 July 2005, 04:20 :

    augo your paranoid, i believe they do that. i didn’t watch my status.

  125. GaijinTenshi @ 1 July 2005, 12:57 :

    It got from Cali to TN in one day. Got my first dock. My brother and I will be taking advantage of this. ^_~

  126. augo @ 1 July 2005, 17:55 :

    phew! I think youre right… it’s on closed now! thanks for saying im paranoid, I think I was! continue gettin free stuff everyone!!

  127. augo @ 1 July 2005, 18:19 :

    Damn… i think they cancelled my dock… but i have tried with to new iPod codes from the dude above gave us… im hoping ill get it… it sais “Dispatch sent” does that mean they sent it?

  128. sean @ 1 July 2005, 19:13 :

    I put in a request last monday its been more than a week and I havent recieved my earbuds, the request form says its “closed” and at first I thought it mean I wasnt getting them, then I looked at the help section it had a key saying that “closed” meant they were done looking at it and it was on its way. but its been forever.

    anyone else who has recieved the closed statement please email me and let me know if you got your item.

  129. timshady @ 2 July 2005, 00:46 :

    recieved something interesting today when ordering:

    Problem Description: Mechanical Issue

    Dear Apple Customer,

    Thank you for selecting AppleCare Service to repair your Apple Product.

    Your estimate of the repair of IPOD SHUFFLE serial number xxxxxxxxxxx appears below.

    Sport Case Audio Cable, iPod shuffle$0.00Return not required$0
    CIP SHIPPING CHG$0.00Return not required$0

    If you are required to return any original part after replacement, you must do so within 10 business days of receiving the replacement part. If the part is not returned, you may be either charged for the part, or assessed a late fee, plus any applicable taxes.

    Notice to Consumer: Please read important information on attachment.

    You can check the status of your repair at http://www.apple.com/support/selfservice/status.

    Thank you,


  130. kitty @ 2 July 2005, 06:14 :

    i got one of those to when getting stuff for my shuffle

  131. tweaq @ 2 July 2005, 11:37 :

    it seems i got a few at random. kind freaking me out before i saw the $0. lol. and i believe the close all the requests. maybe you should try ordering again, cause it usually doesn’t take a week, it only takes a max of 2-3 days for me, and I’m in TN. i suggest all you people try either ordering again, or ordering with a different serial in case the other one is “still in use”. also you can IM me at tweaq

  132. Nana @ 2 July 2005, 14:29 :

    Kindly send me a free ipod so that I a can learn foreign songs to pass my music exams.
    Isaac Gotah
    c.o.p bethel assembly,
    p.o.box 198,
    West Africa.

  133. Ganesh @ 2 July 2005, 16:57 :

    I’m sorry, but the “free ipod accessories” thing doesn’t quite work that way…

    and you don’t “need” an ipod to “pass your music exams”. I do understnd that the cost of ipods in west africa may be very high, but they aren’t exactly cheap over here in north america either. regardless, you have demonstrated your ability to access the internet, and thus, you are more than able to download mp3s of your favorite international songs to your personal computer, where you may enjoy them at your own leisure :)

    Also, posting your address online like that may be a considerable risk to yourself. at the very least, it invites people to send you unwanted mail, so you may want to edit it, if possible.

    if anyone here would want to take the time to send a $100 – $400 electronic device to someone they don’t know, in exchange for nothing in return, to a part of the world that unfortunately has something of a reputation of having people who are proficient at committing online fraud which has cost people upwards of thousands of dollars (eg. (www.snopes.com/crime/fraud/nigeria.asp) i DO realize that nigeria and ghana are separte nations, but they are very close geographically), particularly at a time when north america and all the other G8 nations are doing many important things for the african continent by doubling foriegn aid and excusing most of the continent’s national debts (ie. the Live8 concerts), than i do wish you the best of luck with that endeavour. However, please try to maintain relistic expectations of the people here.

    after all, we found this site by looking for free stuff, NOT by looking for ways to cost ourselves hundreds of dollars doing the opposite by purchasing $400 electronic devices, and shipping them halfway around the world just so that someone can “pass music exams”. I sincerely hope that you understand.

  134. Bruce @ 3 July 2005, 01:00 :

    Okey,got ipod,ipod mini & ipod shuffle serials to trade in exchange of an ipod photo serial..

    Contact me @ erasor@gmail.com


  135. tweaq @ 3 July 2005, 11:25 :

    lol @ ganesh. also the live8 concerts just raises awareness. it actually doesn’t do much more…ie raising money or whatever. so i think its kind of gay. they were talking about it on best week ever. they even gave bags of stuff to celebs. and we still need to find more sites that do this. also on phreakphactor someone said they are/may be doing this because of the lawsuits.

  136. bruce @ 3 July 2005, 20:26 :

    Okey,got a photo serial,nothing special except A/V Cable and that u can’t order any dock…:(

  137. Mike @ 5 July 2005, 21:27 :

    What should I put for Select and issue which describes the reason for this service, does this issue occur on a continuous or intermittent basis?, describe the issue, and describe what you have tried so far. If you could give examples of what you put for the accessories (cables, dock, headphones, etc.) it would help me out a lot.

  138. Bruce @ 6 July 2005, 02:50 :

    You can put whatever you want,they won’t read it..its automated…just put that the buttons ain’t working anymore on the remote and that you tried to clean it up but didn’t do anything…Greets

  139. tweaq @ 6 July 2005, 03:55 :

    ^ I always just put that’s its broke and I’ve tried different stuff. Also you can get the different photo dock, the av cable, AND the camera adapter (i ordered all 3). And with the shuffle, its the same as the inear buds. You have to send them back or you get charged $119 on your CC.

  140. kitty @ 6 July 2005, 04:33 :

    does anybody have a photo serial i could get? lowrider3835 [at] yahoo [dot] com thanx

  141. Mike @ 6 July 2005, 05:17 :

    Thanks Bruce, but I already went ahead and said that like the wires were loose (soldering) and stuff and that the pin (monster cable) was missing when i bought it.

  142. timshady @ 6 July 2005, 05:46 :

    he tweaq, could u please send me a serial for a photo ipod, i need a camera adaptor. thanks

  143. Mike @ 6 July 2005, 05:56 :

    Tim Shady I’ll give you a serial for it. (tweaq gave me one)Give me your AIM SN if you have one and I’ll send it

  144. browny @ 6 July 2005, 09:30 :

    have they stopped doing it??.. i have been waiting since july 3rd… and the status page has said dispatch sent ever since…wuts up?

  145. Bruce @ 6 July 2005, 12:09 :

    Haha Thats my photo serial that tweaq has!! lol

  146. tweaq @ 6 July 2005, 16:48 :

    ^yea, thanks btw. also browny, it WAS a holiday, and the mail doesn’t run, that slowed things down. so you should get it today, or tomorrow

  147. Mike @ 6 July 2005, 23:29 :

    Oh, thanks Bruce. I received my Monster Cable and one of my 5 docks lol. (20GB Clickwheel). Here’s 2 pics:

  148. anotherguy @ 7 July 2005, 01:49 :

    I ordered a Mini dock on July 3 and got it today, July 6. I just placed an order for a remote.

  149. Mike @ 7 July 2005, 02:34 :

    Does anyone know why some of my stuff came and some didn’t? Probably just has to do with the times that I placed an order. And for the people who ordered on the weekends, I don’t believe they deliver on the weekends but I’m not sure.

  150. browny @ 7 July 2005, 04:44 :

    ok thnx… i just got it today

  151. tweaq @ 7 July 2005, 07:17 :

    i ordered my shuffle dock on saturday and just got it today (w00t for bruce) i gave it to my mom to use as a usb extention. i think i’m gonna order a couple more. and i should be getting my photo accessories tomorrow, which i ordered i think on sunday. (that poor DHL guy)

  152. Mike @ 7 July 2005, 08:19 :

    Do they come by USPS or UPS/FedEx/DHL?
    Are the shuffle docks pretty nifty? I would like not having to bend down to my computer to plug stuff in..haha im so lazy. Well actually I did order one lol.

  153. tweaq @ 7 July 2005, 14:47 :

    MINE came by DHL, but others have came by different means. And the stuffle is JUST a usb extension in a little stand, but hey it’s free.

  154. Kwan @ 7 July 2005, 15:41 :

    anyone willing to share a shuffle serial?? thx

  155. tweaq @ 7 July 2005, 19:06 :

    bruce has one. i got my photo accessories a little while ago. the dhl guy is asking me questions what it is. lol. $39 for that crappy camera connector, lol. i was hoping that the photo stuff would work somewhat with the 4g, but i was wrong. also anyone with an ipod photo please IM me(aim:tweaq), i wanna try something. i need the sysinfo from the ipod.

  156. Mike @ 7 July 2005, 20:11 :

    I just got my stuff not too long ago. My dad was like so did you do an online survey? I’m like yeah something like that that I saw on some website. I got a 20gb 4g Dock, a photo dock, mini dock, shuffle dock, a/v cable, camera connector, remote, and FW + USB cable. Yesterday I got a 20gb 4g dock and monster cable. Tomorrow I think I will receive earphones and photo dock. Here’s a picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/snakeyes17/DSCN0763.jpg

  157. Kwan @ 7 July 2005, 23:32 :

    tweaq- you trying to get a way to get camera connector to work? that would be sweet! tell me if you ever figure it out

  158. anotherguy @ 8 July 2005, 05:46 :

    Can someone make a concise list of what can and cannot be ordered for free?

  159. tweaq @ 8 July 2005, 15:56 :

    yeah i failed miserablly. im such a n00b :(. anyway it seems like you could format your 4g with the photo firmware and have a grey scale photo. guess not though :(

  160. Mike @ 8 July 2005, 19:00 :

    Tweaq: Try using iPod Linux or something.
    There’s some mod here:
    Ipodlounge Hacks & Mods Forum
    I just got 2 Photo 30gb docks, 60gb dock, mini dock, and 2 remotes today.

  161. muh ha ha @ 9 July 2005, 01:21 :

    i just sold 2 free docks on ebay for 30 bucks each

  162. Mike @ 9 July 2005, 02:22 :

    If I sell the stuff I have right now on eBay it would be $420. They are worth $554.95. I still have 4 more things coming too. I just have to wait til next week because I need my parents in town when it ends. (The Auction)

  163. Bruce @ 9 July 2005, 22:54 :

    Mike’s like crazy about this “flaw” and you should really calm down m8…cause you’re using same account,same IP address,same Home adress,no proxy or anything…so they could just send you a letter tomorrow asking to prove that you really needed all this & if not asking you to pay for it..and Yeah YOU would have to give them $554.95!! rofl

  164. Mike @ 9 July 2005, 23:06 :

    Yeah I have stopped now. I just wanted to get a nice big amount and sell it on eBay. How do you think I should sell it? I first thought a bunch of individual auctions but then I had the idea to sell it all in one auction and say like ” Lot of Ipod Accessories, Blowout!” And have the starting bid at like $500 or $600 because I have a couple more things that still haven’t come.

  165. shady @ 10 July 2005, 22:27 :




  166. Kwan @ 11 July 2005, 01:14 :


    it’s friggin annoying… ask politely. It looks like your screaming at us to tell you. And where are the please and thanks?

  167. Mike @ 11 July 2005, 01:37 :

    shady I got a 60gb photo serial..give me your AIM sn. I miiight give you it. Its stupid to start at 5 bucks and have a reserve because personally if I was buying something I wouldn’t buy something with a reserve.

  168. ghost @ 11 July 2005, 09:55 :

    does anyoe kno if any of this works for atually getting an ipod itself?

  169. tweaq @ 11 July 2005, 12:40 :

    they send you a box to send you broken ipod back. on the shuffle, you have to “order” a replacement with a credit card, incase you don’t send the broken one back, after you receive the new one.

  170. Bruce @ 11 July 2005, 18:50 :

    i Agree with Kwan,no thanks or anything…why the heck would we give anything?i mean i’ve been the one searching around the net to get serials for tweaq & mike lol :P Not that hard..i’m sure u could do it too lol

  171. Anonymous @ 11 July 2005, 21:26 :

    Psst… You can do this with their computers too.

  172. Mike @ 11 July 2005, 21:34 :

    send a pc back in the box lol

  173. III @ 11 July 2005, 21:38 :

    Got my 40 gb/shuffle docks, Remote, earphones. Still working as of today.
    I really want the monster cables though but i never get that as a choice. I have serialz for 40gb, photo, and shuffle. Any advice?

  174. ghost @ 12 July 2005, 03:26 :

    Well since they send you a box for the broken ipod…..
    It might be a good idea to buy a cheap one (broken) off of ebay (thats still under warranty)then send that one in.

  175. Mike @ 12 July 2005, 05:12 :

    Wow ghost good thinking, that actually might work. Ah if only lll was here earlier. I would have ordered some 40gb stuff to sell. I don’t want to order and more stuff tho.

  176. Kwan @ 12 July 2005, 05:42 :

    i disagree with ghost… who would sell a broken ipod WITH warranty when they could send it back themselves and get it fixed… and then sell it for a better price… :-p…

    I’m going to send my ipod in 2morrow. THe LCD is all messed up… Their support system is amazing. Said to come back in about a week or so… yay

  177. Bruce @ 12 July 2005, 11:29 :

    They won’t send u back the same ipod,they’ll send you another refurbished one

  178. Anotherguy @ 12 July 2005, 20:13 :

    They couldn’t make you prove that you had all the stuff they sent you, seeing as in their letters they tell you to properly dispose of the “faulty” product, and you could just as easily say “Hey, I disposed of the receipts and had payed with cash.” They can’t do shit.

  179. Mike @ 12 July 2005, 22:11 :

    Yeah that’s what I was saying to a bunch of people who questioned it. How can they really bill you? Although they could ask to see all your ipods (considered I have 24 things using at least 20 serials) but you could just say you were doing it for family members.

  180. Cooldude29 @ 13 July 2005, 02:41 :

    For those of you who are thinking about buying a broken ipod off of ebay and sending it in as long as its a 4th generation you should be fine because according to cnet it was only released July 21,2004 so every 4th generation is still under warranty for 10 ish or more days(thats if it was purchased on the release day)

  181. Derwin @ 13 July 2005, 19:43 :

    I’m loving my free Dock at the moment. Apple asked not to send it back.

  182. adam @ 14 July 2005, 05:28 :

    how can i get around it when they ask for a credit card number

  183. Kwan @ 14 July 2005, 06:11 :

    don’t….. some items require credit card… don’t bother with those

  184. Mike @ 14 July 2005, 07:17 :

    I just put all my stuff on eBay..check it out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5789413336&category=73834&ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1

  185. timshady @ 14 July 2005, 18:47 :

    the service site seems to be down, i cant place any orders

  186. ghost @ 15 July 2005, 21:16 :

    can anyone create a definite list of what can be ordered for free and what cant? all i know for sure is…
    ear buds
    ....hopefully the list goes on…

  187. Kwan @ 15 July 2005, 21:44 :

    remote, camera connector, uh… usb cables i think, all docks, earbuds, monster cables, uh… all i can remember

  188. sdadfsdf @ 9 December 2005, 23:56 :

    i sold all that stuff for $500..gonna get some more for new iPods

  189. Crazzle @ 18 January 2006, 16:49 :

    Do you think you could claim that your av cable has fucked up. Thats the cable to connect the new ipod video to the television…

  190. Wazzle @ 21 January 2006, 03:29 :

    yeeeah i have about 5 times no prob try it

    btw to whomever started spreading the word about this “world wonder” THANKS! JAH LUVS YA

  191. Matt @ 23 January 2006, 04:19 :

    I have some headphones coming in tomorrow!

  192. adam @ 23 January 2006, 17:13 :

    i really need a serial number for an ipod mini cause mi warranty has run out and I want to try to get a new one via the repair part of the aple site where you have to enter an ipod serial number to veriy it is still under warranty. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

  193. dude @ 26 January 2006, 17:45 :

    i think apple has started asking for credit card info, when you ask for a replacement part..

    this goes for the ipod nano..

    anyone with the same experience?

  194. Mike @ 5 February 2006, 00:18 :

    Well, I am back once again.
    You can’t get a dock for the iPod Nano or Video :(
    I have gotten some headphones and stuff though, just no docks.

  195. Mike @ 5 February 2006, 00:20 :

    Do you think you could claim that your av cable has fucked up. Thats the cable to connect the new ipod video to the television…

    Yeah you can do that, I did that.

  196. Sam @ 8 February 2006, 23:31 :

    everytime i try and order normal earphones it always asks for my cc details but i hav ordered a dock and remote.

  197. cass @ 9 February 2006, 09:15 :

    how the hell do you get a serial number for an ipod?

  198. paco @ 25 March 2006, 10:08 :

    can anyone with an extra remote send me one be cuz they keep wanting my credit card info and i dont have one

  199. kennedy @ 27 April 2006, 15:09 :

    i dont a website.
    i wont to get a psp.
    can u help me.

  200. John @ 20 June 2006, 01:22 :

    I couldnt figure out how to do it can yuo help

  201. jen @ 22 June 2006, 19:25 :

    i think apple has caught on to this scam b/c now they require a credit card # and make u agreet to pay a fee if u dont return the damaged part. i just tried it

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  210. Ethan Koehler @ 20 October 2006, 23:50 :

    this is amazing. along with your iNo. I am totally making one now. only I think I’ll go with some retro giant headphones with the big plugs. that is if you don’t mind anyone else sporting the apple mouse on their belt with a add to your site on the back?

    I’m trying this ipod dock thing.. wonder if they do iPod videos????

  211. Chris @ 21 October 2006, 22:32 :

    Actually, I think they ask for the part back now…I’m ordering a pair of earbuds, and they want my old set back.

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    Is that a Firewire or USB dock?

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    While it’s not exactly on topic, it’s intresting, given all the FireWire advocates saying Firewire has USB beat in transfer speeds. Well, FW800 has USB beat, but FW400, not so.

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