8 June 2005, 18:45 by mark hoekstra

IBM Keyboards

Every once in a while I come across this great piece on the IBM-keyboard (don’t even dare asking how/why I come across articles about keyboards…). The article is from 1999 and now the writer has written a new piece on the same keyboard!

I have a couple of these IBM-keyboards too, I just can’t resist so much engineering-excellence for $ 0,50 when I see it for sale somewhere, even though I already have a couple… (it only took 4 IBM-keyboards which have detachable keys, to make the top-logo of this site, so now you know…) :-)

But… I never knew there was a black one! Geez, I guess this rockets to number one on my imaginary wannahave-list, it would make a killer-combination with a 23” Mac Cinemadisplay, don’t you think? :-)

IBM Keyboards – The Odyssey Continues


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