7 June 2005, 23:30 by mark hoekstra


Well, so you heard I guess… Mac is going to switch to Intel-processors… I do like this, just for personal reasons. I like to fiddle with old Macs, just because they’re too much fun and there’s lots to be learned from them. (Just the sheer genious of a System Six Mac Classic is hard to beat, still…). But I never bought a new Mac, just as I never buy a new PC, I buy parts :-)

So, from that point of view I’m glad OS X is coming to Intel and very glad I decided to keep 2 Xeon 2.4/533 CPU’s in my big hardware-trade also including my new (also dual Xeon) webserver... :-)

So, first thoughts? I’m gonna build a dual Xeon workstation on an Asus NCCH-DL-motherboard, the CPU’s I have (SL73L, M0-stepping), seem to be excellent overclockers... As an OS, I’m gonna try OS X for sure, otherwise it’s gonna be Gentoo+Gnome, just as I’m used to.

And from an aesthetic point-of-view… my original idea of modding a NeXT-cube will transcend into building a cube from scratch (how hard can a big black cube be?) and complement it with a nice 23” Cinemadisplay (or 2×30” if I win the lottery…)

That could be one heck of a workstation if you ask me :-)

And then… I almost forgot Quicktime 7 for the PeeCee/Windows was introduced… So, I was eager to download it and finally download a trailer from the HD Gallery... But... the first thing I did was click a 720p-trailer and see it stutter all over the place… Hmmmz… then, take a look at the system-requirements:

Waaah! So, on my 2.0GHz XP2800+ Media Center, I’m limited to… 480p-media… not bad, but still… Hopefully I’m able to run 1080p-trailers on a dual Xeon on OS X and a Cinemadisplay… Just because I wanna wet my pants… ;-)

...allright… and do we need to discuss this? How about MS? Well, they’re gonna have a real strong contender for OS X on the PC…

Yeah right! Next joke please… ;-)

Allright, one last thing on this subject for now

Dvorak Says Apple Move to Intel Will Harm Linux

I guess it holds a lot of truth, I for instance will choose to use OS X on my desktop if I can. OS X has a BSD-core and a terminal… a Mac-desktop on cheap&fast PC-hardware and Unix-servers in our datacenters… looks nice to me…(I was hoping on Apple open-sourcing the Aqua-desktop one day, so I would be able to use it on top of Linux, but this is allright with me too…)

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  1. Tarmas @ 8 June 2005, 09:28 :

    You’re out of luck, unless someone comes up with a clever hack to install OS X on a regular PC. Even then this would be a severe violation of the software license agreement. Apple really pays attention to such actions and the person responsible for allowing installation of OS X on non-Apple hardware would be in deep, deep shit. I feel sorry for him or her already, because someone’s definitely going to try it :)

    Congratulations on getting your domain back :D

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