7 April 2005, 01:36 by mark hoekstra

getting to grips with a Cisco

At my job we had this old Cisco 1601R laying around… And since Cisco is one of these manufacturers with a certain ring to it, I took the opportunity to take it home for a while, getting to know it a little better and decide for myself if it’s worth for me to get a Cisco myself (cause this 1601R is going to where it came from in a short while).

This is the one (already uncovered… hey, it’s me!)

...and this looks like a Motorola 68K! Just like my old webserver-project. Damn! this Cisco is obsolete! ;-)

...and well, since it’s obsolete… let’s pimp it to the max! So I put in a 16MB-module (you don’t want to know what I have laying around as spares…) and tada! We’re at the max of 24MB.

...and a homemade cisco-console <-> Mac RS-422-cable did the trick.

a proper console on a very proper terminal :-)

...and it’s temporary home… Now I can telnet to it and get used to some IOS-commands.

But, I think I already decided I want a Cisco myself…

Not this one or one from this 1600-series, those are too obsolete even for me. The maximum throughput even if you do find the 1605R-model with dual ethernetports is 2MBit and a nowadays broadband-connection exceeds that… So, I found this document (which is pretty good) and prematurely decided it will be a Cisco 3620 I’m looking for… That one looks the business too… We’ll see…



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