13 January 2005, 00:04 by mark hoekstra

iNO, because youNO...

Watch the Macworld San Francisco 2005 Keynote Webcast in QuickTime.

UPDATE Don’t forget to check out the NOcost dockingstation for iNO as well…

Well, also enjoyed the keynote-speech of Steve Jobs? With the fancy Mac Mini and iPod Shuffle? But how about you ain’t got NOmoney for that? Must feel real bad, but don’t worry! Here at geektechnique, we have dug deep inside our cellar and come up with…


First of all, it looks the business of course…

...and of course it bears an Apple-logo, so everybody knows youNO this new kind of hipness.

...and the iNO wouldn’t be complete without some honestly nicked headphones (from a hospital in this case, but airplanes are good for those too)

This man is really enjoying his iNO… which is quite understandable, how does NOcost for an Apple-branded product sound to you?

...and the tech specs? Well, it comes with NOparts, which is handy, cause it got NOwarranty also!

iNO maxi

...and already due to NOdemand we decided to bring in the next in coolness…

Meet iNO maxi. Like the original iNO, it needs NObatteries(only this time, think 110/220volt).

You are guaranteed to be the envy of your (new?) friends with the iNO maxi, behave accordingly.

Buyer Beware! Make sure your iNO maxi has it’s distinctive feature, the full colour Apple-logo.

But… whatever you do, wear your iNO with pride!

NOmoney was needed during the making of this page
which is good, because I want to get the real deal anytime soon :-)

iPod Shuffle. 240 songs. A million different ways. From $99.Introducing Mac mini. The most affordable Mac ever. Starting at just $499.

(c) 2005 mark


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TUAW although, back then it was called apple.weblogsinc.com

Don’t forget to check out the NOcost dockingstation for iNO as well…

DIY trackback

UPDATE Now there’s also an iNoPhone!


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