30 March 2005, 00:46 by mark hoekstra

iNO gets a dock

I guess you know the iNO

Anyway, tonight I read this: Being a low cost option it’ll probably complement the iNo very well.

That blogpost is discussing the great DIY iPod-stand

So, of course, I had to make this killer-option for my iNO, to make it a real objet d’art once and for all :-)

so here’s the project-diary…

“Hey, that actually is a splendid idea!”

”...this could work out, I can already picture it”

“what do you mean, you can print a pdf?”
“I always enjoyed Etch-a-Sketch…”

“See, this is starting to get somewhere!”

first paper prototype

which turned out to be to weak to hold iNO

so I transferred it to some cardboard

and tada! here we go, a NOcost dock for iNO!

ain’t it something?

beautiful! looks like a million dollars to me :-)
...this cheap techno-fashion statement

(c)mark 2005



  1. Piers Morgan @ 30 March 2005, 07:21 :

    Fantastic! I think I’ll ditch my iPod, the iNo is too cool!

  2. mmChronic @ 30 March 2005, 11:10 :

    Thanks for the link guys – and excellent work! :)

  3. brob @ 30 March 2005, 22:37 :

    You could of course put some real “guts” into the iNo so it works? – http://tangentsoft.net/audio/cmoy-tutorial/
    Well amplifies at least. I lost the link to the diy mp3 player.

  4. muhammed @ 21 October 2007, 19:56 :

    i will like it if i can ger one i pod from you

  5. offei collins @ 21 September 2010, 00:43 :

    am a ophern of a need help from u so please help me

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