17 March 2005, 01:49 by mark hoekstra

GT 2.0 – yada yada yada, I know…

So… You’re all anxious now huh? Well… I’m still not quite there yet. I do have a server, a CMS and a ‘new style’ :-) Now it should be 2 hard-working days and an appointment to co-locate the whole shebang before we’re really off… wish me luck…

(I made an appointment, sunday-evening I’m switching servers :-))

And, of course, to keep you guys happy, yet another wallpaper (this time 1280×1024 and 1024×768)


[1280×1024] [1024×768]

oh, and if you comment, keep it a little decent will you? she reads them too(well, euhm, I guess?) ;-) Commenting will be slow, as long as we’re on the old server and it keeps being slaughtered with iNO-requests…

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  1. @ 18 March 2005, 21:07 :

    appologies for indecent comments..

    seriously though.. where is the pr0n

  2. Mr Freeze @ 19 March 2005, 00:38 :

    ...as long as it’s OS XXX…?

    Well she doesn’t look out of place… strange…

    A bird in a geeksnest. Hmmmm gotta think about that for a while.

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