19 January 2005, 16:12 by mark hoekstra

getting ready for a new project

Maybe this ought to be a hush-hush project… but well, since there are some significant barriers of entry, I’m not so afraid it’s going to be copycatted and if it does, well, join the club! The barriers of entry being a shitload of SGI-parts and an Arcadecabinet…

the ingredients:

Hey, what’s this link doing here? Now you’re spoiling it!

I don’t have a certain deadline… I think it’ll take quite some amount of time to get everything working as it should. I am, however, delighted to have gotten an extra Indy which came with two videocards, so now I have 1 pair of 3D-goggles, 2 Indy-motherboards, 2 casings, 3 CPU’s, 3 videocards and 3 PSU’s (and it all cost near to nothing(including the cabinet!)).

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  1. brob @ 20 January 2005, 02:13 :

    What game did the cabinet have in it? Are you gonna build a SGI Gaming set up in your cabinet?

    I’m somewhat bemused.

  2. mark @ 20 January 2005, 03:01 :

    There’s a BombJack PCB in there (original 1984 Tehkan). It’s been Jamma-mized though. The cabinet is a JAMMA-compliant(means every JAMMA-PCB can go in there) cabinet and I want to keep it that way. The idea is to get MAME working on an Indy (made out of the most solid parts I have) and then connect it through a JAMMA-solderboard to the cabinet. Some research already has been done and some needs to be done… It’s going to be a lot of solder&wires I guess but actually the cabinet and the SGI which ends up in there needn’t be modded themselves. We’ll see…

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