18 November 2004, 13:07 by mark hoekstra

All good things come in twos

I picked it up! my second NAD 916 :-) I bought my first NAD 916 about 2 years ago, also secondhand and it’s been a winner ever since, so I’m totally over the moon with my second one. (this amplifier is actually 3 NAD 912’s into one, so my setup is like 6 NAD 912’s ;-))

So now I have 2 amplifiers which both are capable of driving 3, 4, 5 or 6 channels each :-) So double that and I can amlify anything in between 6 and 12 channels… But I’ll prolly use each channel in bridged mode, so I have 6 separate channels (each with it’s own powersupply etc.).




I could, however, decide to bi-amp my next speakers(which will be DIY)... so 2×30 watts (instead of once 90 watts) for each speaker… I’ll have to look into that, it would mean I have to make yet another set of UTP-braided speakercable :-)

P.S. never mind my current centerspeaker… it’s only for testing and building a proper centerspeaker is the next thing on my list.

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