26 October 2004, 16:34 by mark hoekstra

running Mac OS X on a 68k :-)

Dana(mania) managed to get on the frontpage of slashdot, with her latest ‘project’... Running MacOS X Panther on a 25MHz Centris


Now, that’s something I even wouldn’t try… (I once copy-catted her succesful attempt of running NetBSD on a Mac LC475 The machine is now down BTW… I need to get a BIOS-battery for it(somehow the serial console doesn’t work anymore and I don’t have video)... it does function very well otherwise)... But let’s see… If a 25MHz Centris takes a full 6.99 days to boot OS X… that would mean my chipped LC475 running on a whopping 33MHz would do it in at most 5.29 days, now there’s a thought!

P.S. Don’t you think our desks look similar? her desk, my desk... next to the Mac-stuff we both seem to have a 1084S-monitor ;-)

P.S.2. Dana also was the one who was kind enough to photoshop my dreammachine :-)

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