19 October 2004, 17:05 by mark hoekstra

3rd world doesn’t want 68K macs?

According to the World Computer Exchange(what’s in a name…) they won’t accept the following macs


Sorry, WCE does NOT accept the following Mac machines:

Mac 128
Mac 512
Mac Plus
Mac SE
Mac SE/30
Mac LC I, II or III (all models)
Mac LC 475 through 630
Macintosh II (all models including IIci, IIvx, etc)
Performa 200 through 640 (all models with 3-digit numbers)
PowerBook Models – 140 through 180c and 190 & 190cs and 520 through 540c
PowerBook Duo Models 210 through 270c
Quadra (all models)

Hmmmz, what can be the reason for such a thing? Even though I have quite some computerequipment around me, once in a while I love fiddling with the 68K-macs. Why? Simply because it’s a simple, elegant and brilliant platform. Much better than a lot that has come since. And even for educational purposes it’s great imho, simply because you get to know a platform that actually had all it’s bits right :-) (try Mac system 6 for instance, an OS(the last?) completely coded in assembly)


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  1. brob @ 20 October 2004, 00:50 :

    I have a LCII sitting dormant outside my room. I have no idea if it works I bought it for 1. I need a monitor (can you mod them to use normal monitors?) keyboard, mouse and I think a chip is missing. I really no nothing about macs. It’d be nice to get it going though. although it looks no where near as cool as an SE

  2. mark @ 20 October 2004, 19:56 :

    Well, LC’s are known to give no video-output at the moment their motherboard-battery is empty(???). You can get Mac->standard 15pin VGA-converters, I once bought such a thing on a computertrade for EUR 2,50 and it works on all my old Macs. Before you invest in an old Mac, you better look around for one in working order, can save you a lot of money :-)

  3. brob @ 26 October 2004, 02:08 :

    Thing is I wasn’t actually intending to buy a Mac. I was just at a Car Boot Sale (Junk Sale) and I saw it. The lady sold it to me for 2. I just like to have it so I can tell all the posers that I have a Mac.

  4. @ 31 October 2004, 19:26 :

    Tremendous pictures of your “stuff”. I’m slightly jealous. The energy and thought you’ve invested is tremendous, and will be saved and used as a model/example of what a person can do. Thanks.Cal.

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