27 September 2004, 01:30 by mark hoekstra

Fat Fingers

Well, I was watching another episode of The Screen Savers Show the other day (and then you think ‘how is that possibilistic? that’s a US show!’). Somehow somebody is posting these shows to be downloaded using BitTorrent. I must say that I enjoy these shows, when I have one downloaded I just watch it while making dinner (that’s shoving a pizza into the oven and wait). Anyway, one of the covered links or tips or whatever they called it was www.fatfingers.co.uk and I must say it has kept popping into my mind a couple of times now, hence this post…


You have to see for yourself, it’s ingenious! Now I only hope they add the same trick to the dutch marktplaats cause that’s my main source for obsolete goods (and the sellers there make lots of typos) :-)

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  1. brob @ 1 October 2004, 00:23 :

    I love that site now. So useful.

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