26 August 2004, 01:42 by mark hoekstra

Quieting down my workstation

Just by coincedence I saw an advert for a second hand Zalman ZM80-HP VGA-cooler… and well, it wasn’t too expensive so I bought it and while I was busy installing it… well, I just as well could do the whole machine, right? (which came down to quieting the PSU, that was one heck of a noisy PSU…)


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  1. Sam @ 27 August 2004, 00:28 :

    I always “planned” to do this to most of my systems but never got round to it. Is it “dead” silent then?

    I notice you have a GeForce card. I’ve just got a VIVO GeForce and am having trouble getting the VIVO section of it to work. It seems like a fairly simple problem. The Breakout box won’t sit in the port right. Apart from anything the cord is about 5cm long. So I got it in and gaffer taped it to the monitor plug. All seems find but it’s not as I can’t get anything on my TV with S-Video or Compostie. Any ideas?

    btw I’m fudging my way through my first linux set-up (I had a few attempts I never finished). I’m using Banzai Linux, which seems OK for a minimal one. Which Linux do you use?

    Great site as always.

  2. mark @ 27 August 2004, 22:24 :

    Ah well,

    No, the system isn’t dead-silent, but it used to be quite loud, since I couldn’t read out the temps while running linux on it, when I build it and I played it safe, so lots of cooling :-) Now I tuned that down and well, the video-fan didn’t really bother me that much, but this set had an attractive price, so I bought it.

    I’ve got a GF4 in it, main reason being the good drivers nVIDIA have for these cards for linux, next to that, I’m not much of a gamer and why buy a Quadro when in a lot of aspects their identical to these GF4’s (they’re getting cheap though).

    I’m running Gentoo Linux, the only Linux-system I have, I do have 3 BSD-systems in my closet though, but they’re CLI-only ;-)

    >Great site as always.

    Thanks, that keeps me going :-)

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