4 July 2004, 18:56 by mark hoekstra

...more fun with paper

After putting 49 sheets of paper on my wall, the fun ain’t over yet! Bring in the hard to follow Japanese sense of humour (especially since I don’t understand Japanese… surfing Japanese webpages is a random click-o-rama, but it looks so damn good with aquafonts!)

Anyway, I came accross this page, papercraft factory, with all kind of DIY models of characters, even a DIY paper Nintendo with paper cartridges!


this character is referred to as ‘Fallen Man’, I don’t know where it comes from, of course, I can guess where it stands for, a fallen man (duh!), but why make paper figures of him? It seems he’s quite popular :-) Check out the gallery of the fallen man!

P.S. You do need to have the ability to view sites with asian fonts, otherwise these links look terrible… (and yes, I’m bored, how’d you guess?)

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