29 June 2004, 16:17 by mark hoekstra

Helmut Newton on my wall

Just two days ago, I came across the rasterbator(with an R!) (via retecool) and after watching the gallery I was impressed with the overall results and decided to get myself such a piece of art you can make yourself with some creativity, a (laser)printer, (in my case) 49 sheets of paper, a knife, some scissors, tape and a lot of spare time

Due to the fact this process is limited to black&white (I don’t have a colourprinter also) I got an old idea back. That idea is/was to put some pictures of Helmut Newton on my wall… (He sadly passed away earlier this year BTW). Well, because of the size I first limited it to one picture, but I’m pretty pleased with the result! The great thing is, that your source image doesn’t need to be extremely big… Mine for instance is only 400×400 pixels. I found it online at the dadART virtual gallery which got beautiful pictures Mr. Newton shot in Florence (and don’t contain nudity for a change ;-)). I do love his nude pictures, but well, I also have visitors(relatives for instance) who pay me a visit once in a while and I don’t want to offend them ;-)


...some more pictures of the process involved

P.S. I did submit my rasterbation to the gallery, hope it’ll get added soon.

P.S.2. If you somehow tend to like my rasterbation a lot, here is the 49-page pdf I used.

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