12 May 2004, 01:36 by mark hoekstra

another reason for a linux desktop

The last few days I’ve been fiddling with the fonts on my workstation to get asian fonts in my browser and while I’m at it, personalize my desktop a little bit (hey, why not make it purty while waiting for Sun’s Looking Glass? ;-)) Of all the fonts I saw so far, the aquafont strikes me the most as a desktop-font…

So, I’m quite pleased with the result and also with the way I can choose the fonts to my liking (it couldn’t be easier… with Gnome, applications->desktop preferences->font and then you get to choose your font for application, desktop, window title and terminal, tada!)


Oh, and if you like my wallpaper, here it is (2560×1024)


the original image comes from Nekochans gallery

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