24 April 2004, 01:16 by mark hoekstra

...a machine that should’ve been…

Hmmz, this needs a little explanation… One of my little obsessions most definitely are 68k Macs, like the Compact Macs (I’ve got a Classic II and a modded SE) and I also got a LC475 and a Quadra 800…

Anyway, the LC475 and the Quadra both have a Motorola 68040 inside them, with FPU, cause that is what you need to run a *nix of choice on there. The LC475 now runs NetBSD and the Quadra runs A/UX, Apples wonderful 1st attempt into the unix-marketplace and only running on 68k Macs :-)

So, in the believe that 1+1=3, the ultimate 68k Mac running A/UX would be a PowerBook imho and when you dive into those, the one & only answer would be the ultrarare, only released in Japan, PowerBook 550c... Not that anyone ever saw A/UX succesfully run on such a machine, but still… It’s a pipe dream :-)

And then… bring in the wonderful 68K Macintosh Liberation Army Forums and Dana of danamania.com(which got me into making a webserver out of my LC475 in the first place…). She posted a few pics, very well retouched, of a gorgeous PowerBook 540c (with non-FPU 68LC040) and that got me back to my ‘dreammachine’ and guess what… it’s 2004 and that what isn’t possible IRL, is possible through the means of Photoshop(thank you, Dana!) :-)


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