14 April 2004, 02:09 by mark hoekstra

Hardware that refuses to die…

Since I got a new router I thought this really would be the end of my Asus P55T2P4-motherboard which has served me very well since 1996(!!!). But I just can’t let go I guess, I’ve had plenty of these motherboards, which all performed very well, especially in stability, they never ever failed on me, no matter what. The last 5 years I’ve been running a K6-2 300MHz on it, even though I knew even more was possible(for a board designed for 200MHz max…). Last week I found a K6-2 500 cheap and today I even found another T2P4, this time the ultimate revision, 3.10! I added a TAG-ram and now this is becoming another one of my projects…


Why bother? Well, I do have all the speed around I want (a dual XP2400+ and a XP2800+, both on Asus-boards as well…) but somehow this is something I wanted to do a long time and now all the parts of this once-a-dream-machine are around for scrapmoney(I paid EUR 0.25 for the CPU and EUR 0.25 for the board…).

So what’s next? Well, since I have this TAG-ram I can now address more than 64MB of memory(512MB is now the max), I’m going to look for bigger SIMMS… so I hope to find some 32MB/64MB SIMMS and I want the ultimate-PCI-video-extravaganza in there, so a 4MB PCI-card with dual PCI-VooDoo2-accelerators in SLI-mode :-) The ultimate Quake-box!

Some links (even the links of upgrading these boards are old!):

Kalle’s T2P4-page
Oldie Tuning: Asus P55T2P4 with AMD K6-2+/500 on Tom’s Hardware

Nice fact… this motherboard was the first one ever tested at Tom’s Hardware... in December 1996!

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