28 March 2004, 01:56 by mark hoekstra

SGI Origin 200

Well, yesterday I picked up this beautiful piece of machinery, a true SGI Origin 200 :-)


It was quite a trip (by train!), but somehow I’ve become used to transport objects with public transport which are actually a little too large ;-) Anyway, I’ve got it at my apartment and that’s what counts. At first sight it looks allright, it boots (what a noise!) and turns a green solid led on the front. Only problem seems to be it’s serial port, I triple-checked my cable and tested it with other machinery and that can’t be the problem. Further investigation turns out the serial port is oxidated(???) somehow. I hope I can fix it, otherwise I have quite a piece of useless iron and that would be a waste imho. Well, I’ll see in the coming few days, otherwise I have to look for parts somewhere…


Anyhow, I love the way it’s build and it could be a pretty decent server for my personal use :-) Oh, and I already have a new hostname for it, since that seems to be something to worry about…

oblique, which seems appropriate, especially since it will become a testserver for mystique

(thanks for the inspiration for the hostname, Arl :-))

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