10 March 2004, 23:46 by mark hoekstra


Well, on the 1st of november I made a post about sidetalkin... Never to know that a few months later I really would choose this phone to be my next one :-)


notice the appropriate Type-R badge wallpaper? ;-)

...and I keep practizing this sidetalkin’

a few hours later

this is what it’s all about (for me that is) running Mame on my phone!


a ROM-image from 1978 running on a phone from 2003 :-)

And how about this? Bombjack running on the NGage and my cabinet(with original Bombjack PCB) simultaneously?


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  1. matt @ 13 March 2004, 19:24 :

    I know this doesn’t relate to your post, but I saw this link and I thought it would be something you would be interested in.



  2. mark @ 14 March 2004, 00:42 :

    Ah, that’s great :-)

    I’ve had something with codenames all along, it started out with my SparcStation 2, codename Calvin (which became it’s hostname also) and well, for a system it’s the first thing I look at for coming up with a hostname… Sometimes it’s good (like Calvin or Elsie(which is the codename of the LC, not LC475 but what the heck)) sometimes useless or simply not there (ever saw a codename of a x86-system?)

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