19 February 2004, 01:01 by mark hoekstra

...an even more obsolete cam

I thought I already had an obsolete cam but today I even got a more obsolete cam (from 1983 it seems!) :-) (how can you resist such a thing for 4 euro?)

It must be quite rare since Google only manages to bring up one (1!) result. And that’s from a museum also hahaha, well never mind, it works


Philips Video40 CCTV B/W cam


Why is it that everybody looks like a crook on these surveillance cameras?

Oh, as an 31337 feature it does have this ‘cigarette-trail’ effect :-) Ain’t that something?

ADDED Hmmmz, I already thought it looked familiar somehow and now I know why… from the movie Lost Highway from David Lynch. Check these captured images

the man with the camera

and a capture from that camera

Great movie by the way :-)

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  1. colin @ 20 February 2004, 13:44 :

    Have you ever thought about putting some kind of forum on your site? I bet you get a shitload of visitors, it would be busy.

  2. mark @ 21 February 2004, 01:38 :

    Well, I need to install something like webalizer… I really hardly have a clue how many visitors I get. Next to that, there are some very good forums out there and one thing I didn’t want to do is annoy the web with another forum with 2 members and 3 posts(no offence). :-)

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