6 February 2004, 13:57 by mark hoekstra

finishing off an old project…

It’s quite some time ago since I did this. The whole project came to a halt because I didn’t seem to have the right ethernetcard for my LC475 to run NetBSD and I did try to run A/UX on there, but there’s something about the video why it isn’t capable of doing that. Since I did want to run A/UX somehow I eventually got into this so that left me with a LC475 booting into NetBSD but without networking, hmmmmmz…

Anyway, I now got another LC-PDS ethernetcard and it seems it recognizes this one :-) So here we are, making a webserver out of a LC475… All the ingredients are present, but I somehow think it will take a day or two to compile apache :-)


BTW, there is something about the video of a LC475… when I try to boot it with the monitor as outputdevice it halts, but when I hook up my Classic II as serial terminal it boots beautifully :-) So that’s why the screen blanks out on the one monitor and all the messages appear on the Classic II…. magic! ;-)

LC475 on Classic II

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