29 January 2004, 01:49 by mark hoekstra


I know, I switch projects fast. But, anyway, there is a red line, uhm, somewhere

Anyway, I’m still busy with my ‘Project Playstation’ or how to make an uberdevice for my livingroom before the industry comes with a feature-laden version of what they think we need. It almost does anything I want right now, but I need to ‘geek it down’, so less cables, a closed case and … of course, a remote! So I figured a Palm III would make a great add-on for my playstation. Yesterday I went out and bought a TFDS4500 to connect to my motherboard. Well, the connection and soldering was the easy part, as I discovered Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition doesn’t recognize infrared devices. So I tried web edition, same story. Eventually I tried the standard edition and tada!


that works!

So now I have an IrDA-connection to my playstation ... only I don’t have a clue how to go further from here… Do I need to make a TCP/IP connection? Idea is to make a realtime remote where it’s possible to view for instance live winamp-info on my palm as I point it to my playstation. Well, I guess I need to Google a lot from here.

Oh, and it looks like this (yeah yeah yeah, it’s a prototype! :-))

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