21 January 2004, 00:03 by mark hoekstra

a geeks gameconsole

Well, that’s at least the way this ‘project’ is going anyway…


pop it up

pop up another

...I really need to make a proper projectpage soon… Anyway, this black box is my main funmachine in my livingroom now. I somehow seem to get stuck getting my ATi 9600 to work properly on win server 2003, i can’t seem to get beyond 5800 points in 3Dmark2001 while it should be beyond the 10k points…

(A7N8X deluxe rev 2.0, 2×256MB pc3200 CL2.5, XP 2800+, 80GB SATA, Sapphire ATi 9600 Atlantis, DC10+, PCTV Pro)

...and I got myself a chair and a USB-extensioncable to be able to game in front of the tele comfortably :-)

...the setup

...and the view

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