5 January 2004, 00:12 by mark hoekstra

...a linux desktop!

I don’t even want to know how long this whole process has took me. But, I hope it’s gonna be rewarding. I’m into *nix-boxes for a while and I love them, but never ever I use X-windows. I always have connected to them through a serial cable or just on a console on the box or through SSH. But with this ‘new’ A7M266-D in a SGI320-case I constructed, well I figured there really needs to be a *nix on it and after long hours, I finally am where I wanted to be. 2 CPU’s, 7982 BogoMIPS, 1GB of RAM and a very fine desktop indeed :-) Oh, it’s Gnome 2.4 I choose :-)


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Welcome to the real world…

added: and it already works on two displays also!

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  1. Colin @ 14 January 2004, 15:19 :

    Are you still alive? No changes in ten days :(( (some of us check regularly =P)

  2. mark @ 15 January 2004, 01:28 :

    ...but of course… :-)

    first of all, I should install some stats on my server (my todo-list is growing each day)

    next to that, update!

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