23 December 2003, 03:38 by mark hoekstra

...and we have 2×2000MHz!

w00t! it worked! after approximately 10 hours of painstakingly trying to stay relaxed and try to find out how to ‘MP’ these new laminated Thornton XP 2400+ I finally managed to get it working on my A7M266-D which will go into my SGI-case :-)


popup large image

popup another image

...and another (...my lucky shirt :-))

...and even another! (hey! I’m just proud ;-))

Now I got to hurry to get a few hours sleep, don’t look at the time, got to work tomorrow… :-)

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  1. SuiZide @ 28 December 2003, 22:14 :

    Get a Life ;-)

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