26 November 2003, 01:51 by mark hoekstra

a new case

Case-modding isn’t something I planned on doing, simply because I don’t get it most of the times and I think it’s just ugly imho ;-) ...and of course, it’s a gamers/LAN-party-thing most of the time and I hardly do any of that. So no rice-case/gay-disco with a type-R-badge in my apartment :-)

But not every mod out there is tasteless imho, this one got me thinking and as a result I bought a SGI-case with defective inner parts (don’t you dare use a working SGI as your donor!). Only I do it the easy way, I got myself a SGI which complies to the ATX-standard ;-)


pop it up!

a collage of this case…
and no, I don’t have that jawdropping widescreen TFT…

Anyway, I will put the inner parts of my current ‘workstation’ (read: beige box) in there and keep my fingers crossed my current hardware gets a better score at ViewPerf than this 1999 SGI :-) ...and modding? well, maybe I’ll use one blue CCFL… maybe ;-)

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  1. nillon @ 1 December 2003, 00:36 :

    Nah. Don’t put any CCFLs in it.
    It’s a SGI man, it just doesen’t get more cool than that. ;-)

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