12 November 2003, 00:08 by mark hoekstra

rate my network diagram

jeez… ratemynetworkdiagram.com ...
What’ll be next? Rate my BIC-pen? ;-)

Anyway, I also made a networkdiagram! give it to me!(gif 800×600, 56kb)
(I only have to wait appr.48 hours before my image is reviewed… so I show it here…)

via lothar

UPDATE Well, my image has been approved and my network has been rated a couple of times… :-) And it wasn’t me! ;-)


You can also rate my network diagram

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  1. colin @ 13 November 2003, 01:48 :

    It should be quicker than that. Mine was up a few hours after I submitted it, but maybe that’s because I was one of the first =P



  2. mark @ 15 November 2003, 01:27 :

    Do I see an upcoming LC475? that sounds familiar :-)


    What did you use for you diagram anyway? I like the computer-graphics(literally, graphics of the computers) ;-)

  3. colin @ 16 November 2003, 01:40 :

    Yes, I finally got the mac I was looking for :) It’s not an LC475, but a Quadra 700, and best of all it has the 68040 processor with FPU, so I don’t have to look for one :D It should arrive by next week.

    I used MS Visio 2003 to make my diagram; all the other ones I tried sucked. E-mail me if you’d like a copy :D

  4. Lothar @ 16 November 2003, 23:35 :

    O.K. you beat me :-). At least nice to know a fellow dutchman is winning.

  5. mark @ 18 November 2003, 02:02 :

    winning? well, that was not why I joined that site. Just for fun and I am/was surprised to see my ‘score’... But that’s descending fast now that there are lamers who rate me with 1 or 0… Well, whatever, they can rate it down, but not… ;-)

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