6 November 2003, 01:16 by mark hoekstra


A couple of days ago I did a smashin’ deal by trading two captureboards for one SoundBlaster Live! :-) I’ve had a captureboard before but well, that’s an ISA-card and even I don’t use an x86-system that old anymore(obsolete PC’s just aren’t sexy, just dull and slow).

Anyway, by putting the TV-card in my ‘workstation’ I now can use my old Sony Handycam again and so I did! So, bring in geektechnique-cam a.k.a. ‘peek at a geek’ :-)

a pic of the ‘studio’ :-)


pop-up large image

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  1. garfield @ 9 November 2003, 14:38 :

    Ik like the left logo

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