25 October 2003, 13:27 by mark hoekstra

Calvin & Hobbes

For a (web)log(which this really isn’t actually…) this is quite an appropriate comic…


BTW, my 404-page is some Calvin&Hobbes ASCII-art at the moment, because some lamers thought it would be nice to use a script to get all the 450 images which randomly showed up as my 404-page… They prolly posted it on some forum cause at one time I had 120 concurrent connections for those stupid pics…

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  1. Grafield @ 25 October 2003, 20:21 :

    This 404 page is also nice. but it’s a shame that the babes are gone :)

  2. mark @ 25 October 2003, 23:54 :

    Well, they will be back… some time :-) Just type in a wrong url every now and then on this page :-)

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