15 October 2003, 01:45 by mark hoekstra

Quake forever!

Back in 1996, me and my roommate had these big powerful machines (a P133 and a P75 ;-)) and through a homemade serial cable we connected our dormrooms together with a whopping 115,200 bits per second

And then, then came Quake, rebooting our machines back in to DOS and entering a world with things like ‘deathmatch, fragging etc.’

Well, it’s gonna be hard finding a game that’ll make a bigger impression on me, simply because it was the first game I played with network-multiplayer… (and almost the last, since I’m not a gamer…)

So, I’m very glad I found my favourite Mission Pack online, Scource of Armagon! (and boy does Q1 run suave on a 1400MHz)


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  1. Lothar @ 19 October 2003, 18:12 :

    Ah, sweet memories indeed.

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