23 September 2003, 00:59 by mark hoekstra

clustering different…

You really wonder how the guys at VirginiaTech did it… and then I’m not talking about assembling this cluster...

But how on earth did they convince whoever has to pay for this, to order 1100 G5’s as clusternodes??? ;-)

from their press-release:

‘They are ambitiously designing a large 64-bit InfiniBand cluster using existing, off-the-shelf industry components.’

Off-the-shelf? Well, in that case, show me the shelf with G5’s and I show you the shelves with beige boxes…

BTW, I want that T-shirt!!!

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  1. Lothar @ 27 September 2003, 17:28 :

    Normally i’m not a mac enthousiast. But this is surely inspiring. Is there any information regarding the architecture of the nodes etc.

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