9 September 2003, 03:08 by mark hoekstra

Apple I replica

This is featured on /. also, but this caught my attention…

‘For example, when typing onscreen, the replica can perform a backspace, which the original cannot. Briel said it took him weeks to figure out how to disable it.’

I just wanna say:‘That’s the spirit!’ :-)

Oh, BTW, the story is about Replica I, ‘Coming soon, cassette interface!’ w00t!

(before you ask, I couldn’t sleep…)

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  1. Lothar @ 12 September 2003, 02:19 :

    Several weeks in order find out how to disable backspace ? I can do that in seconds, using a screwriver…...

  2. Lothar @ 20 September 2003, 00:11 :

    Of een screwdriver , dat werkt ook soms….

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