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for sale: a black Ferrari 412

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Last week I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was biking home from work and I spotted a black Ferrari 412 at the parking lot of a local garage:

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Now, of course, this needs a litte explanation. I mean, seeing a Ferrari is nice, but I’ve seen dozens if not hundreds of them in my lifetime (I’m getting old, I know), so, what’s so special about this one? ^_^

A couple of months ago I saw Daft Punk’s Electroma (wikipedia link, imdb link).

click to go to the official electroma website (although I like the japanese one better)

Now I didn’t see it on some festival or such, the whole movie (still!) is up on Google Video and I opted for the ‘download to iPod/PSP’ and it’s been the first movie I put on my equally black iPhone.

click to go the full version of Daft Punk’s Electroma on Google Video

Mind you, the full version on Google Video is one hour and ten minutes long, if you’re in a hurry, here’s a short excerpt, with this car in it:

direct link to youtube

Anyway, that’s all nice and dandy of course, but somehow this logoless black Ferrari 412 kept popping up in my mind every now and then. Somehow I was touched by the idea of a black Ferrari with all the logos removed. Even though I saw the movie in a crappy resolution, it’s quite clear that there’s no Ferrari logo on the 412 Daft Punk have been using. I liked the idea so much that it kept popping up in my mind every now and then. I guess I like the seventies shape of the bodywork, earlier on I also spotted a poor man’s edition of the Ferrari 400/412 in my hometown, a Lancia Gamma CoupĂ© with almost similar lines.

Next to that, I’m also a fan of ratlook VWs for instance and I guess removing the logos of this Ferrari is the equivalent of turning your VW into a hoodride without totally sacrificing it. I simply like the idea of dethrowning this Ferrari a bit. I guess this very 400/412 model is one which is much less recognizable when you remove the Ferrari logo. You want people to admire your car because it’s a tasteful ride right? ...and not because of some logo. If you want to buy a Ferrari so people know you drive a Ferrari, you can better opt for a 308/328 a.k.a. the Magnum car or something newer, more expensive and equally flashy.

Somehow, if this 412 was mine, next to removing the logos I would also go for an all matte black paintjob on it. ^_^

But guess what? This one isn’t mine! ^_^

But it is for sale!

(to get this straight, this is not the exact same car as in Electroma, but a similar one…)

According to Wikipedia there were no more than 576 Ferraris 412 produced (next to 1807 ones of the earlier 400/400i, GT and Automatic).

And of those 576 412s, how many of those are black and better yet, how many of those are in driving condition and for sale?

Not that many I guess, so that’s why I could hardly believe spotting this one last week in my hometown. I mean, you hardly see anyone driving a Ferrari over here, it somehow doesn’t fit in the culture of where I live I guess, so to find this one I already had buried inside my head somewhere is nice (even though I can’t afford it).

But maybe you can! So here it is:

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This is a black 1985 Ferrari 412 Automatic, with a 4.9 liter V12 which should give around 340 horsepower, the odometer says 9000 and something kilometers, but that’s probably 109.000 and something.

It’s for sale at a local garage in Groningen, if there’s anyone interested, you can contact me and I can put you through. I would really love it if one of my readers would buy this exquisite ride ^_^

Asking price is around EUR 28,000

If you somehow like the idea of a matte black logoless Ferrari 412, got quite some money and you can miss a considerable amount of that but you don’t want all the hassle, there’s no problem either!

You can always donate this car to me and I’ll make it a hardware hack project which will wet your pants. I promise I’ll send the logos to whoever helps me out with this one *^_^*

So if you help me out, this logo, next to probably a dozen others…

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...will be yours! (if you’re the one who donates the total amount)

Now that’s quite a deal, ey?

In the mean time, I’ll stick to my own black ride with tan upholstery (matte black and no logos has been the plan with that one also, no joke) *^_^*

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(this car really is for sale. If you’re interested, contact me and I can put you through.)

my ultimate car list (needs updating!)
Ferrari 412 – a photoset on Flickr

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  1. nonya @ 30 January 2008, 09:52 :

    already have one of my dream cars, which happens to already be logo-less.

  2. Ceristimo @ 30 January 2008, 17:19 :

    An ultimate car list without a ’69 Dodge Charger simply isn’t an ultimate carlist…:P

  3. zookolo @ 11 February 2008, 15:22 :

    Firstly Groningen is a great place love it! Secondly the Ferrari 412 looks so great and seems in great condition. Hope you get to hack one!

  4. kashgar216 @ 30 June 2008, 07:38 :

    The 400/400i/412 is the most underrated Ferrari ever. Awesome car!

  5. ulf hanson @ 27 February 2009, 18:33 :

    hello, saw the 412, if You can help me with the dealers name it would be nice. Maybe the ends up in Sweden :-)

    Thanx and best regards /ulf

  6. GHALEM @ 17 March 2009, 21:48 :

    Interesting in your 412 Ferrari.
    Are you still selling it ?


  7. GHALEM @ 17 March 2009, 21:49 :

    Interesting in your 412 Ferrari.
    Are you still selling it ?


  8. JOnas @ 12 April 2009, 00:04 :

    Staat ie er nog? Vind net je site, op zoek naar dit type auto.. Graag NAW van dealer als ie nog te koop staat.. TNX!

  9. robert k. @ 31 July 2009, 06:58 :

    I have the cleanest 412 on the planet. Ferrari red with tan leather—unbelievable leather—interior. Sounds and performs incredibly on the highway. 32.000 miles. Reconditioned v-12 fuel injected with only 10,000 on it. It’s the cleanest one on the planet.

  10. Marv @ 5 August 2009, 23:11 :

    Robert K.
    I’m interested in the 412. Email me at mgsamman@aol.com


  11. Ryan h @ 11 June 2010, 22:49 :

    This is great car and provides an awsome intro to electroma, i just wish i was about ten/fifteen years older and had the funds. By the time i can drive and afford one there probably wont be any left. :(

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