26 October 2007, 12:32 by mark hoekstra

interview in Dutch MacFan magazine

A while ago I got interviewed by Dutch MacFan magazine. It was a very pleasant interview and the journalist (Ben Melis) did an awesome job getting all my ranting onto two pages, I mean, I must’ve talked for hours and he really managed to get it all on paper very well. I’m quite thrilled with the result.

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The contents of this issue can be found here and the issue itself is on sale, starting today, in Holland in almost every newsstand/bookstore.

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  1. Ben @ 26 October 2007, 13:57 :

    Congratulations on getting published. The article looks great.

    Shame I can’t get that magazine in Australia.

    Would you be able to scan your pages to post here? I am not sure about copyright laws regarding this.

  2. Isaac @ 29 October 2007, 09:55 :

    hey congrats!

    Is the article in english or dutch? and like Ben said, would u be able to post the article here?

  3. markie @ 29 October 2007, 13:49 :

    The article is in Dutch, so that’s why I thought it wouldn’t make much sense to post it here. Anyone in Holland can read it in the bookstore or just buy the magazine of course! ;-)

    Anyway, when the issue has been for sale for a while, I guess I can post a translation of it here. Maybe I should be nice and ask them if I can.

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