2 October 2007, 23:25 by mark hoekstra

oh no he didn't...

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Today I got a very nice package from the postman. An iPhone in all its hacked 1.0.2-firmware glory! *^_^*

Now there’s a whole story attached on how and why this iPhone is now mine, maybe I tell that some other time.

Honestly I didn’t think I would get myself an iPhone, but somehow, I ended up with one! ^_^

Now I do think this is one overhyped piece of technology. When you listen to the fanboys, it’s almost as if it’s the biggest invention ever.

Fifty years ago, men launched the Sputnik and you could even say that the internet found its origin that way. Now that’s stuff we (care to) remember fifty years later. (And I even care to remember slashdot exists for 10 years ^_^) But the iPhone? I hardly doubt it. I’m not gonna wait for it and have my go on this one. This model already has some minor damage (that’s one of the reasons this one is now mine, even though it’s perfectly usable), so taking it totally apart and really have my go doesn’t break the ice, it’s already broken (imho).

Ah well, we’ll see! For now some pictures:

looks like it’s weather to stay inside…
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hardly used!
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you gotta be kidding me! ^_^
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...and of course, the first pic I shot ^_^
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  1. Blaster @ 3 October 2007, 11:13 :

    Cool Mark!
    Now we of course want to hear how you got it and why ;)
    And do you like it? does it meet your expectations?

  2. Pieter @ 3 October 2007, 20:48 :

    Yeah, and how you build in Skype and call for free!

  3. PerseP @ 5 October 2007, 12:33 :

    We all know about the iPhone but we don’t know your story

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