18 September 2007, 02:01 by mark hoekstra

fixing some romantic damage

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A friend of mine, Annet, used her boyfriend’s (also a friend of mine) iBook a while ago but at the same time held it to close to a candle. I’m still not sure what she had on her mind at that time, but well… ^_^ She called me in panic back then (this all happened a couple of months ago) “Mark! what should I do!!!” ... Soooooo, (even though it sounded quite bad on the phone…), I told her I would fix it and everything would be all right, I mean, how couldn’t I? A woman in panic on the phone, you *need* to ease that down, no matter what, right? *^_^*

Anyway, shortly after, a pic arose on flickr and there I could see that this *massive damage* (on the phone I asked three times “it’s still working right?”, cause I could hardly believe by how it was described to me, that it was still working), was not so massive after all, but still, this would need some work.

A little while ago, the boyfriend, Lykle, asked me if I would fix this same iBook for her upcoming birthday so he could give her this iBook, all fixed and customized. (there were some other small issues with it too, which needed to be fixed) But of course! I already some sort of promised that, soooo… here’s what I made of it:

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  1. Roach @ 19 September 2007, 15:06 :

    I guess she wasn’t satisfied about the backlight of the iBook.

  2. mmexus @ 9 October 2007, 18:04 :


    almost gave my pants a wet spot^^

    great work + idea

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