6 August 2007, 22:11 by mark hoekstra

more adapters...

I guess, after I posted my iPod compact flash project online, already several months ago by now, I brought some ideas to a whole lot of people. *^_^*

Anyway, well worth recognizing is this, Tarkan Akdam from the UK is (as far as I can see) the first person to succesfully hack a Compact Flash card inside an iPod Video. Not only that, his project does look very sweet and professional too. I was really (almost) blown away by it. ^_^

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Credit where credit’s due, Tarkan’s done it and done it in a marvelous way too I think.

And then, since last week it seems you can buy a compact flash adapter on eBay. Well, I did buy one and here is what it looks like. To the left is my hand made (but now ridiculous looking, because of some harsh testing and *ahem* an accident with some hot glue…) prototype and to the right you can see what you can order from Hong Kong right now… (I’m not saying anything… ^_^)

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In the mean time I’m still continuing my development on my own adapter and here’s where we are right now. On the left, you can see my current adapter (it’s the latest prototype), mounted without protection, but more on that later. On the right you can see the Hong Kong adapter, mounted like it should, there is no protection (and the connector isn’t a nice fit either). I guess you could get it to work, but well, even though I’m not entirely objective in this(...), I don’t see how you can nicely mount it inside an iPod, without taking something like duct tape.

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And here’s my adapter mounted *with* protection. I found a way to reuse the harddrive protection and that way you’ll make sure your adapter fits (imho) nice and tight inside your iPod.

to the left, mounted with protection, to the right, the adapter in the flesh
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So… where does this leave me and my adapter? Well, I’m going to continue the development and testing on my 1-4G-adapter. I’m almost there. This coming week (but more on that in the following blogpost ^_^) I’m going to put it on a monster test and then it should be ready for production (finally!).

And then, the reason I was almost blown away with Tarkan’s project is because I’ve got a 5G-adapter coming up too. I already told in my video that an adapter for an iPod Video was possible too, but that it would take ‘just’ another adapter. And that’s exactly what I’ve been planning alongside this 1-4G-adapter. So I’ve got two adapters coming up! It should’ve been a surprise, but well… *^_^*

Even though a couple of months have passed since I posted my original project, nothing’s really changed actually. If you want me to update you as soon as I’ve got my adapter *available* (and you can make that two now, one for 1-4G and one for 5/5.5G), fill in this form and I will send you only one mail! (It’s because of that promise I haven’t actually spammed anybody with updates and such… ^_^)

the contact form

geek technique’s iPod Compact Flash adapter


(if you haven’t got any additional info, just fill in a – or such

Well, what can I say, wish me luck?

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  1. Nonya @ 11 August 2007, 21:11 :

    tecnaly, its a cf to 50 pin ide adaptor that someone is selling as an ipod cf adaptor. it was probly intended for a laptop, wich it probly fit in better.

  2. pmarin @ 24 August 2007, 12:32 :

    Hi Mark.
    I have a little problem with this post because Bloglines doesn´t stop to put this entry as new about 20 times a day. Why does Bloglines do it?

  3. markie @ 24 August 2007, 16:22 :

    Huh? that’s strange… my guess is bloglines also fetches my feedburner-feed and I don’t see any problems there. I opened the post and saved it again, but I really can’t come up with an explanation somehow. Can you see which exact feed it is, which in your case gets fetched?

  4. pmarin @ 24 August 2007, 20:38 :

    The feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/geektechnique
    With the option “Monitored By Bloglines Notified” enabled (I don´t know what is it).

    but mark, I have the problem only with this entry, and I have not any Ipod!!! ;)

  5. JCD @ 31 August 2007, 11:06 :

    Mark, did the Hong Kong adapter not fit inside your iPod. Was this because it was too thick? Also it looks like it needs to be insulated is this what you found.

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