27 May 2007, 20:01 by mark hoekstra

appreciate the small things, like logos ^_^

Well, first of all, does anyone know where these little stickers all of a sudden come from? (or did I just spot them while they have been around for ages?)

I’ve seen them on a variety of electronic gear lately. On stuff I just bought for instance and I went like “don’t throw it away?... Well, I was planning on using it, if you don’t mind, I just paid for it…”

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That same sticker also was on this heat gun my friend Gabriël used during the restoration of a couple of windows and somehow I think they could’ve done a better job for a sticker with some advise on it, like, don’t light your cigarette with it! (but Gabriël is a cool lady, this trick went well without a burn flaw! *^_^*)

Not long ago I couldn’t help myself and bid on this mug on eBay… it’s a blue mug with a logo in gold on there of CRAY research, inc. ^_^

I guess I now officially suffer from some old supercomputer romanticism … *^_^*

Just like SGI, the heydays of Cray are long gone, but I keep having a soft spot for that stuff (out of that era too)... Somehow nowadays supercomputers, even though they are a gazillion times faster than their predecessors, somehow (imho of course) they’re less ‘super’. Same thing goes for cars imho, the best supercars were made in the seventies… (also imho of course!) you can check my dreamcar list for instance, that one hasn’t changed in ten years I guess… Loving old stuff does have its advantages ^_^

Maybe it’s because this is the stuff (computers and cars) which were on top of the hill when I first knew that this gear even existed and somehow, in my mind, it never got better than that! ^_^

Well, of course it did get better, but it was more exotic back then for sure. Cray for instance now uses Opterons… (and SGI uses Intel Itaniums). I mean, I’ve got an Opteron in my closet!. This stuff used to be made from stuff no one ever heard of! Ah well… on a sunday like this I like to sit in my spare room full of old gear out of the golden age (imho) and this mug complements it very well!

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It’s quite impossible to make a photo of this mug (although I made these shots with a webcam…), because of the golden logo… it reflects way too much to be able to get a nice shot of it, but you’ll get the idea…

“coffee tastes sooooo much better out of a supercomputer mug!”
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Well, I need to get back to some development now (for which this extra room turns out to be excellent!), more on that coming tuesday.

(although pics start to surface on flickr ^_^)

It isn’t about the adapter, that’s still in the pipeline too, but will surface somewhat later…

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  1. Han @ 27 May 2007, 23:02 :

    grrr check you and your nice whole mug!!

    Labourghini Gellardo Spyder for me anyday mate!! mmm

  2. Chris @ 28 May 2007, 05:42 :

    Nice mug. I’d prefer one from Apple myself, if one ever existed.

    Also, .hack posters? Nice.

  3. foo-fu @ 28 May 2007, 21:22 :

    The labels you refer to, are related to the WEEE directive .

    WEEE is a set of environmental guidelines applicable for the electronics industry (http://www.netregs.gov.uk/netregs/275207/1631119/1631128/?lang=_e)

    This specific label is applicable for products that may contain hazardous substances (RoHS) and neet to be marked to identify the sellers obligation to recuperate them when end of life.

  4. opensource101 @ 1 June 2007, 22:16 :

    Love the mug. I was able to salvage a cray supercompter from the 80’s from the university I attended. They were just going to discard it in 2003. It was cool to have, but the power to run it was horrible.

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