30 April 2007, 20:47 by mark hoekstra

my Queen's day catch

Today in Holland it’s Queen’s day. Where we celebrate the Queen’s birthday, well, a former Queen’s birthday to be exact…

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One of the activities on this day is that in (I guess) every town or city half of the population is sitting on the streets trying to sell stuff they don’t need anymore and the other half walks by… and so did I.

So, even though it’s some sort of flea market or garage sale if you like and most of the stuff is in the one or two euro range, I ended up with gear I wasn’t exactly looking for on this day but were on my imaginary list of things I somehow wanted if I would come across them.

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So, what did I find?

I found a 1977/1978 six-button Atari 2600 with joysticks/paddles and a bunch of cartridges. I was surprised to find it and also in this state, it’s dirty, but apart from that, it seems to be totally complete and intact. I paid 15 euro for it.

I thought it was and after some searching it indeed seems to be the original model from 1977/1978.

I mean, an Atari-logo on (fake) wood. That’s all we need right?
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Next to that I found a PSOne with LCD screen. I already own a similar screen, but that one’s being used in a future project and it seems that you can modify these Sony-screens a lot better for other uses (a true mini LCD screen hooked up to your PC for instance). I’m not sure if I will modify it since this one came with the PS One also and a bunch of games. I paid 30 euro for it. Not long ago, the screens alone retailed for a lot more overhere.

PS One with LCD-screen
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Even though I spend a little more than I expected, I also didn’t expect to find this kind of gear in between all the other stuff.

Well, time to clean it all, something I always do with second hand gear I buy. Somehow it starts to become mine once I took it apart and cleaned it first (and who knows what I do next).



OMG! it was only when I went through the bag which carried my catch for a second time that I saw I have an extra cartridge for the 2600… And it’s E.T.!

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If there’s one cartridge with a very big story attached to it, it’s this one. Some consider it the worst game of all time and it is believed that five million(!) of these cartridges have been buried in a New Mexico landfill.


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  1. Han @ 1 May 2007, 00:18 :

    LOL I’m sure ET can’t be that bad?!

    You should get sheep for the PSOne! Its the only game I play obsessivly – still! Other than spyro of course!

  2. markie @ 1 May 2007, 01:35 :

    >LOL I’m sure ET can’t be that bad?!

    Well, from what I understand, it must be pretty awful :-)

    > You should get sheep for the PSOne! Its the only game I play obsessivly – still! Other than spyro of course!

    To be honest, I’m totally not into PS One-games, but I just fired her
    up and played some of the games that came with it and I was quite
    surprised actually. That also has to do with the tiny screen I guess.
    On a bigger screen the age would show more or such. Anyway, I think
    I’m gonna spend some time in investigating which titles I would like.
    I guess I can pick up PS One games for near to nothing. Thanks for the

  3. BOK @ 1 May 2007, 01:35 :

    OMFG! I totally envy you!! I walked under these same vhestnuts in bloom today around five o’clock. People were just cleaning up, so I didn’t pay any attention to what was sold…
    Nice deal, Mark!
    (Next time I see you ‘round in the MediaMarkt, I’ll bump into you on purpose, heh-heh!)

  4. markie @ 1 May 2007, 01:57 :

    > around five o’clock.

    Ah, well, I was there around noon. You know, for the good stuff you shouldn’t get there too late ;-)

    Too early and it’s majorly overpriced, too late and it’s gone…

    >Next time I see you ‘round in the MediaMarkt, I’ll bump into you on purpose, heh-heh!

    You saw me there or such? It's not a place I visit very often actually. But sure, bump away! :-)

  5. teknokracy @ 1 May 2007, 02:48 :

    Dudes, I’ve played the ET game when I had an Atari that I too had picked up at a garage sale… and it was really the worst game ever. You are ET and you fall in to a pit and cant get out. And this was back when there were no strategy guides to look at online!!!

  6. Rob Sayers @ 1 May 2007, 18:15 :

    It sounds like Queens day is a lot more entertaining there than here (curacao). I wish someone was selling a 2600 here!

  7. AIR @ 3 May 2007, 11:10 :

    lol markie you are such a good guy by selling trash to the dumbshit people, I hope you don’t feel yourself better like those who do some charity shit to the green peace. How about you give all your money/house/boxen to me and go out to the streets to bitchin little whore xD
    You will lick the stinky rotten pussy of ur fucking 100 yo queen and stole her fucking money to me u gypsy fuck.

  8. markie @ 3 May 2007, 16:13 :

    >by selling trash
    >you give all your money/house/boxen to me

    if the difference between selling and buying already is too hard for you, how can I expect you have a decent understanding of giving and taking?

    But let’s say I want to give you something(...) you’re willing to come and pick it up? :-)

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