20 April 2007, 00:05 by mark hoekstra

food for thought?

A couple of days ago, I quickly scanned a list I came across:

most powerful sites on Digg

  • 1 – arstechnica.com – 121 homepage stories – 91277 total diggs
  • 2 – www.engadget.com – 84 homepage stories – 66409 total diggs
  • 3 – www.nytimes.com – 44 homepage stories – 36487 total diggs
  • 4 – consumerist.com – 41 homepage stories – 59473 total diggs
  • 5 – gizmodo.com – 33 homepage stories – 34729 total diggs
  • 6 – news.yahoo.com – 32 homepage stories – 34974 total diggs
  • 7 – www.cnn.com – 32 homepage stories – 29821 total diggs
  • 8 – www.washingtonpost.com – 30 homepage stories – 27867 total diggs
  • 9 – news.bbc.co.uk – 27 homepage stories – 23236 total diggs
  • 10 – www.wired.com – 26 homepage stories – 18781 total diggs

and I was like “this can’t be true?, the BBC and Wired don’t even have 30 homepage stories?” I mean, geek technique, my personal little one-man operation has a total of 9 homepage stories... At the time of reading I was in a hurry and forgot all about it but… it just popped up in my mind again and I thought “let’s search for that list again and see if this is really true, because it simply can’t be…”.

And then I found it… This is a study over the past 30 days (from April 14th 2007 to March 14th 2007)

Ah! so while my statistics are from over a 600 day period, theirs is from a 30 day period… phew! I really would hate it when I would start to become megalomaniacal and now, there’s no need to either! *^_^*

With this added 1:20 factor this isn’t any food for thought for me anymore, but I guess it is food for thought for more traditional media, or is it? The other day I also found out that in the technorati-index (anyone using that still?) this site and Bright (for whom I work) are closing in on each other. Now those two are totally different, Bright is in Dutch and this site is not, but still. Bright is also a proper company with a magazine, employees, advertisers, budget and a staff of editors and such. And this site, well, doesn’t have all that stuff (but I do have a kitchen table!). Any way, I’m not so sure what to think about this. Anyone?

and ars technica has four frontpage stories a day!?, geeeez…

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  1. Leo @ 20 April 2007, 06:57 :

    Hi. Your link to arstechnica is broken, forgot the “http”

  2. markie @ 20 April 2007, 11:11 :

    ah right, fixed it, thanks

  3. GanjaNetHerLanDzAIRpollution @ 22 April 2007, 20:21 :

    sup cunts?
    wanking again for ur 1 man operation black hawk down ?:D
    OMFG markie I could cry how can be someone so selfish, cocky, dumb, sick like you. It’s not suprising that you live alone and your only partner is your super ipod which is full of spunk now from the daily wanking…

    so pinkypussy what would u say to ur girlfriend about you get off on stats like this and you spend more than half a day on your pathetic page with your fagfriends in ur fantasy world and play hardball with guys like me by deleting comments?
    I won’t be suprised if I found you somewhere as IRC admin, cuz idiots like you belong to irc.

  4. AIR @ 22 April 2007, 20:55 :

    ur fucking country polluting our AIR u bitch thats why the ozone shield fucked up. Fucking netherland does even more pollution than the usa. SO OUR COUNTRY NO LONGER WILL TOLERATE THIS. I will tell the president of romania to nuke u fucking cunts!!


    Fucking dutch shit people screw our Earth big time we need to kill em all!

  5. Daniel @ 1 May 2007, 14:41 :

    Dang Mark, whats up with, uh, that? Mo web hits, mo problems…


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