18 March 2007, 14:55 by mark hoekstra

my face in a magazine


Dutch magazine HCC!Link decided they would post something about modding/hardware hacking in general and …euhm… me in particular *^_^*

Now I couldn’t find out what kind of magazine this actually is(...). HCC (Hobby Computer Club) is a very large computer club here in Holland, with 180 thousand members. But I’m not a member and the name of the magazine, HCC!Link, didn’t ring a bell. But I did know this computer club publishes several other magazines.

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Now in the end, it seems it’s circulated along with one of these magazines, computer!totaal, (self-proclaimed) the biggest computer magazine in Holland(...). So… in about every bookstore in Holland, you can grab a copy of this magazine, turn it around and you get to see my old iBook!

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The photographer, Thomas Schlijper, who came to visit me a little while ago to shoot some pics, also shot some other pics which didn’t make it into the magazine, but… I can post’em here of course!

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Next to the pics, I’m actually quite happy with the article too! But I guess I’m not allowed to post that here (at this moment at least)... *^_^*



The article (in dutch) can be found online.

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  1. Askarel @ 19 March 2007, 13:35 :

    Did they write something about Bates ?? =^_^=

  2. ocke @ 19 March 2007, 23:15 :

    Morgen maar es ff in een winkel de ComputerTotaal lezen ;-).

  3. Han @ 20 March 2007, 00:26 :

    I love the way they subtly included bates!

  4. markie @ 20 March 2007, 00:54 :

    I truly love the pics with Bates on it. Those didn’t make it into the magazine though and she’s not mentioned also, but I did ask the photographer a print of those two pics :-)

  5. loops @ 21 March 2007, 16:20 :

    Another Bates fan here. Oh, and I like your blog too ;-)

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