30 April 2005, 11:21 by mark hoekstra

abandoned Japanese buildings

Earlier this week I already came across this link with pictures of an abandoned Japanese amusementpark… I mailed it to some friends, but didn’t post it cause I thought it was completely off-topic somehow…

Now today I come across a complete index with pictures of abandoned Japanese buildings… (it’s actually part of the same site, but I hadn’t found it in the first place since it’s a little hard to navigate if you can’t read Japanese…)

Anyway, I’m still clueless on what the main attraction is to these pictures, but I’m having a good time browsing them simply because I find most of these pictures stunning (Any psycho-analist out there may explain to me why I like it).

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  1. geert @ 1 May 2005, 12:33 :

    i see a link between those pic’s and ‘spirited away’ :p

  2. Sol @ 8 May 2005, 21:16 :

    I am not a psychoanalist but an architect with also a fascination with this places; I have come to realise it all comes from our attraction to odd images and concepts, so it may be gore, sexporn, or Ed Wood films, and in this case in particular a fascination with decadence and decay (there’s a field of study on this though I cannot remember the name), it also has a relationship with archeology and everything else on ‘all things past.’ A sorf of vouyerism into the people that used those places, their dreams, their emotional attachments that no longer are. Plus the plain eerie coolnes of the photos like ‘dead nature’ paintings.

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