11 February 2007, 22:39 by mark hoekstra

...and some gear which is going somewhere


Oh dear… even though you could say I’ve got enough obsolete gear, I can’t help myself and strawl around on eBay and such for more. Especially for strange exotic gear and one of the things to look for in my case is Silicon Graphics gear. I don’t know, I keep having a soft spot for that stuff. I also try to rescue it if I can. Anyway, look what I found now:

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SGI Origin 3000

  • 1 × 19” SGI Rack Blau
  • 1 x L2 Controller
  • 1 x LCD SystemMonitor
  • 8 x C-Brick mit insgesamt (8×4) =32 x CPU R12000 mit 400MHz/8MB Cache und insgesamt 8 GB RAM
  • 2 x R-Brick (zum verbinden der C-Brick´s)
  • 1 x I-Brick mit CD und 18 GB FCAL Boot Platte mit Irix 6.5
  • 2 x PBAY mit Netzteilen
  • entsprechender NumaLink Verkabelung

sofort Einsatzbereit
(das Gerät ist sehr schwer. Selbstabholer müssen einen LKW mit Hebebühne mitbringen)

Ab 1,00 Euro.

Well, it’s just a little too big for me(...) and even though it’s advertized as ‘from 1 euro!’, with eight days to go, the bidding is at 693 euros and I’m pretty sure it’ll rise some more.

Of course, that’s peanuts compared to it’s original cost, but not something I see myself ever pay for something which classifies as ‘hobby only’ as I can’t see a system like this being used in any commercial way anymore.

By the way, at the University in my town they have a somewhat similar system (an Onyx 3400). Now if even this kind of gear already is getting classified as obsolete… maybe I should contact them and ask when they plan to throw that one out… *^_^*

...then I start planning on renting a bigger space …and a truck! ^_^

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  1. involutaryhaxor @ 12 February 2007, 06:31 :

    I saw the first pictures and I just said”... he wouldn’t”.

  2. kittenmoon @ 12 February 2007, 11:32 :

    Hello Markie, don’t u want to give 2 boxen for me? I can hardly have money to buy it in austria or get extreme gears like this. If u can send me two the most I can offer to pay the postage. _

  3. Julian @ 12 February 2007, 15:37 :

    Guess what I saw on ebay yesterday ^^ same thing I guess..
    Just a little big for home use in my opinion ^^

  4. Brob @ 12 February 2007, 18:03 :

    even if you didn’t use it as its intended use it’d make a cool geek wardrobe

  5. richard @ 18 February 2007, 14:37 :

    ik wil van alles leren over elektra

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