25 January 2007, 23:36 by mark hoekstra

iBook tealight-fix: the aftermath ^_^

Right, in the comments-thread itself there are people reporting successes in repairing old iBooks with my tealight-fix. I already was a happy man when I managed to fix my own iBook (which now is sold btw), but I couldn’t have foreseen the spin-off this would get. Now of course, projects of me get blogged more often ( ^_^ ), but a lot of people looking at the stuff I do or people actually trying it out for themselves is quite a difference. Any way, I love it (even though I told everyone to not try this *^_^*) and I’d like to hear about every one succeeding in this tealight-fix.

some of the spin-off I found:

If anyone knows more attempts which’ve been put online, please drop them in the comments, I’ll change the links in hyperlinks afterwards.

click to go to the post on vanorder-san.com

In the mean time I did finish another project. This coming weekend I’m going to write it up, so expect that online about sunday afternoon or such.

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  1. Chris @ 27 January 2007, 08:59 :

    Heh…It’s good to be loved.

  2. spoddle @ 29 January 2007, 18:20 :

    My attempts:

    I’m actually having intermittent issues with the iBook now though. What did you do to keep it cool after you fixed yours? Mine works if I don’t move it… but is a little flacky.

  3. markie @ 31 January 2007, 00:17 :

    >What did you do to keep it cool after you fixed yours?

    I’m not sure if I understand this. The videochip hardly gets hot normally so I’ve done nothing to keep it cool or such. I’ve putten a shim in between the chip and the casing, out of precaution, that’s all actually (and mine still works!) :-)

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