3 January 2007, 13:01 by mark hoekstra

I can see where they're having a laugh...

Last night my latest project got blogged on the MAKE:blog and after a while I noticed some traffic coming from one specific place…

In a timespan of about two hours I counted 149 different IP-addresses, all from apple.com… So my guess is, they must have a lot of broken iBooks out there!


for those who haven’t seen it, the project is right here

the youtube-vid is right here:

if the video somehow doesn’t work, here’s the link

and you can Digg it right here!

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  1. Brob @ 3 January 2007, 21:02 :

    lol @ Apple.

  2. Jon @ 4 January 2007, 00:54 :

    Well, /. coulda had a scoop on it, but they rejected my initial submission. I redid one with the nice link to MAKE: and this post on your Apple traffic. Maybe they’ll see the (fire) light and realize they lost out on scooping a good story.

  3. markie @ 4 January 2007, 01:24 :

    Hi Jon,

    Well, yeah they could. It does well though, for instance, it just hit the frontpage of digg !

    Thanks for your effort though, I appreciate it.

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