31 December 2006, 17:36 by mark hoekstra

the geekiest of techniques

This will be my last post… of the year! *^_^*

Last friday I’ve been picking up what will become my new road-warrior, a powerbook 12” G4 1500. It has some minor damage but I’m not afraid of doing some work to it. Next to that, I really would feel uncomfortable walking around with a stock Mac, so plans are made to do, well, something more to it than just fixing the minor damage… *^_^*

And talking about work on my beloved 12” Macs… I just published a new project:

DIY obsolete iBook logic-board repair

click to go to the projectpage

Repairing that iBook involved what must be the geekiest of techniques on this page, but see for yourself.

Judging by what I did to that 12” iBook (and the ones earlier), I really must make a masterpiece of my new powerbook but we’ll see all about that and more in 2007!

For now, I wish everybody a splendid New Year’s Eve

take care! and be careful with fireworks, especially on your kitchentable! *^_^*

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  1. Jon @ 31 December 2006, 20:11 :

    I’ve just submitted your post to /. There may be a flood of hits soon, again. ;)

  2. markie @ 31 December 2006, 20:51 :

    thanks! I saw you put it on the applefritter-forum as well (referrers, what should I do without them? ^_^)

    Now of course, they reject more stories on slashdot than they can possibly accept, but a post every now and then about obsolete hardware will do everybody good I guess ;-) Let's just see what it does.

    (added later) well, they did at least read it, also out of my referrers: projectlab/726/diy-obsolete-ibook-logic-board-repair​ http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl

  3. Chris @ 1 January 2007, 03:54 :

    Powerbook G4, eh? Nice.

    Just don’t burn your lap. I heard those things can get REALLY REALLY hot.

    Have a nice New Year’s…

    P.S: What plans do you have for your iBook if you are using the G4? make it a desktop? Or some other crazy experiment? _

    Also: Obsolete hardware rules. I’ve done more with my old G4 than I can do with my MacBook (Partially because I don’t want to void the $300 warranty ;) )

  4. emuboy @ 2 January 2007, 12:46 :

    that’s cool!

    BGA rule but it’s hard to repair…bright idea!

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