1 November 2006, 00:05 by mark hoekstra

a package from NYC, a Newton MP130!

This summer, I’ve been working together with Nika and Devan from C-TRL Labs from New York, to work on a project called City on a Roof (my Flickr-set can be found here)

The working together has been really special. I mean, I found out about C-TRL Labs somewhere around 2004 and this summer, for the first time, this Medialab in my town, Pavlov asks me if I would be of any help to support ‘some artists from NYC’... Well, sure, of course, I’m a nice guy :-) ...when I later on discovered it was Nika and Devan I was working together with, I fell out of my chair… I mean, what are the odds of that? It’s a small town I live in and the people who connected us together didn’t know anything about me knowing them or vice versa. Bad ass magic, that’s what it is! ^_^

Devan and I share the same passion about old Macs, especially Compact Macs, so me doing a Compact Mac-project right now (you know, the follow-up to this one) isn’t too coincedental anymore. This awesome machine needs to be brought back into the spotlight every now and then and I’m more than happy to do that myself a couple of times ^_^

Now, more than two months after this project, I received a package from C-TRL! *^_^*

...and what a package/present it is! a true Apple Newton Messagepad 130.

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I’m really over the moon with this present and I really think I’m gonna use it. I mean, I keep getting busier and busier and until now I did all my appointments without any agenda… Now I don’t want to push the envelope anymore and lately I decided I need a PDA of any kind but hadn’t decided which one or what kind. But this seems totally appropriate! Let’s just try it out… if Bates doesn’t beat me to that…

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  1. Chris @ 5 November 2006, 22:22 :

    Is that the one with the really bad handwriting recognition? I can’t remember.

    Anyway, have fun with your toy. I’d sure love to have one of those _

  2. Simski @ 12 November 2006, 21:45 :

    dont forget to enlist to the newtontalk mailinglist. get help about networking and other issues with connecting to new computers.

    Newtons are fun!
    although im on a Newton 2100 right now, i still have my old 130 around…

    and no. only the original message pad (OMP) and the MP100 had that problem.

    tip: select a text and drag it to the laft side of the screen places it on a clipboard. go to the app you want and drag int in… “pretty neat huh?’

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