9 July 2006, 19:55 by mark hoekstra

...a typical sundayafternoon

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fixed my bike in the park… where I left it last night when I was heading for the city, but my rear tyre ran flat…

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...and while I was in the neighbourhood of Nijne, I came over and fixed a borking key on her Nokia… (with no tools whatsoever :-)) Oh, the diagnosis was that one of the keys stopped working and I decided to pull the plastic from the PCB. The little round on the white plastic is a little piece of metal, which is actually the button. But… it got corroded or such (probably because it’s been moist or such), a little cleaning of that little round and putting back the plastic did the trick…

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...and finally, after a slacking sunday-afternoon, I got a package from my neighbours, which was left there by the postman last friday… time to unbox these WaveLAN-cards… I’ve been looking quite long to get my hands on a couple of these (and these are brand new!)... If I’m correct, these are the ones which’ll work in my iBook as well as in my eMate… (the original Airport-card is way too expensive… 2nd-hand people ask north of a hundred euros for one of those cards and I paid less for four of these, including an access-point and shipping…). euhm… you do need to do some soldering on these before you can put it in an iBook, but more on that later :-)

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  1. goat @ 9 July 2006, 20:45 :

    it must be nice to live in a country where you can leave your bike in park and no one will steal it! don’t even think of doing that here in the US!

  2. markie @ 9 July 2006, 21:02 :

    well… Holland (Teh Netherlands) is a nice country indeed! but I have to lock down my bike quite seriously, preferably with multiple locks and attached to something so they can’t move it either, for making sure they don’t steal it… :-)

  3. nijne @ 10 July 2006, 00:02 :

    i spilled scotch on it LOL :O
    (bad girl! getting drunk online again..!)

    but mark is the hero of the day indeed!

  4. Patrick @ 10 July 2006, 11:43 :

    Hmm, I got one of those cards too, taken from an old AirPort Basestation. Guess I’ll have to wait for your info on how to fit these in an iBook, as I do know they work, but not with a “tight fit” ;-)

  5. mark @ 10 July 2006, 11:52 :

    Well, I can tell you it fits! :-) It involves some peeling away the metal around the card, ducttape and some desoldering, but the card works flawlessly. I will try to do a write-up this evening on the process…

  6. Ceristimo @ 10 July 2006, 21:54 :

    @Goat 9 July 2006, 19:45

    In the Netherlands you really have to lock you’re bike with multiple locks to prefend it from beeing stolen.
    You can leave it in a park (nobody’s there at night) and there’s a big chance it’ll still be there the next day (if you’ve got it firmly locked on a parkbench) but if you leave your bike overnight on a trainstation it’ll be gone. And if it isn’t gone because you locked it so tight, then it’s probably wrecked beyond repair.
    Believe me, the Netherlands isn’t a nice place to leave your bike ;)

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