13 June 2006, 01:09 by mark hoekstra

project: geek chique: how to make cuff links

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The other day, I had this a weddingparty I was invited to…

But, when I got dressed for the party I couldn’t find my cuff links... I searched all over the place but to no avail. Sooooo, in the end I decided to make some of my own. After quickly inspecting how I could make these items (which I only use at most once a year) I decided to make some quick with materials every geek should have laying around… I guess…

sooooo, this is what I made and how I did it (continues on my projectpage)

geek chique: how to make cuff links

DIY trackback
digg.com (and of this moment, on the frontpage!)
del.icio.us (it’s on del.icio.us/popular right now!)
oh dear… ;-)

BTW, digg.com is acting strange… on the one moment, I’m on the frontpage, the last referrer from the frontpage is twenty minutes ago and then, all of a sudden, gone… no matter how far I go back, the link is unfindable from the frontpage... You would almost say that there’s some human intervention in what get’s on the frontpage and also what get’s off the frontpage… I was in the search-index when you searched for cuff links, and now I’m not, I mean, uh?

Not that I care much, I mean, I got a ton of traffic from digg… but this is hard to explain or not?

Ah, found it… it seems it’s a buried story now. Can someone explain what a buried story is? Or better, why someone would bury a story?

...and to add to this story… it actually got dugg by Kevin Rose himself… hmmmmmzzzzz… ;-)

ah! I got mail from Digg support…

digg support to mark
From: digg support <support@digg.com>
To: mark@geektechnique.org
Date: Jun 13, 2006 9:53 PM
Subject: Re: how-to make cuff links, buried story?

That story was reported as lame and subsequently removed
by the digg community.

--digg support

LOL! with 549 diggs in 14 hours time they (the digg-community) say it’s lame… it’s a little hard to believe they had more than 549 of their own members reporting it as lame, or not? Well, whatever… a little strange user-driven democracy if you ask me…

What a pair of cuff links can do with some people… geez… *^_^*

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  1. Przemek [PL] @ 13 June 2006, 09:28 :

    Ha, I saw the weddingparty pics. Did you take your Mac SE with you in that blue bag? I wouldn’t be surprised! ;-)

  2. tom12519 @ 13 June 2006, 18:33 :

    I think an IDE-ribbon bow tie is also in order…

  3. hB @ 14 June 2006, 06:10 :

    it is there, i just seen it from headline:

  4. Tarmas @ 14 June 2006, 07:56 :

    Dugg (:

    Who knows, I’m off to a wedding party this September and I might pull off something like that.

    How’s Slashdot traffic compared to Digg?

  5. mark @ 14 June 2006, 16:54 :

    >Did you take your Mac SE with you in that blue bag?

    Hahaha, nooooo… those old bags are ideal for travelling for a few days… Only thing else I’ve got is one very big bag…

    >How’s Slashdot traffic compared to Digg?

    My site’s been on slashdot only once and on the frontpage of Digg several times so it’s a little hard to compare… but frontpage digg.com gets you some massive traffic although yesterday a big amount was taken care of by duggmirror.com… and even then, on peak time, I got 5000 unique visitors in around 45 minutes… (and the serverload was +/- 1.00 … time to upgrade! ;-))

  6. Tarmas @ 14 June 2006, 21:40 :

    > and the serverload was +/- 1.00 … time to upgrade

    Yep, it’s time to get that Sun Ultra cluster of yours up and running to relieve the poor Xeon :)

    Speaking of Suns, did you get my message on Flickr? I’m real desperate and need help.

    > on the frontpage of Digg several times

    Which posts? I know you got slashdotted when you got a front page story on Slashdot with your encrypted BSD server and I can remember one story on Digg, though I don’t remember which one (except for this one, of course). Seems I’m not such a Digg frequent reader as I thought. Well, good for me,

    I’m off for a couple of days tomorrow morning. Even my mobile will be out of range at the place I’m going to, not to mention such things as the Interweb. Ahhhh, I’m getting a life… finally! ;)

  7. Tarmas @ 14 June 2006, 21:50 :

    > did you get my message on Flickr

    Thanks! I’ll see if Babelfish can help me out on this one. If not, well, prepare for more bugging from my side.

  8. Tom @ 30 June 2006, 23:17 :

    That’s awesome. Have you thought about marketing that? I bet those “geek chique” cuff links would be a hit!

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